µTorrent 1.5 - Speichersparender BitTorrent-Client

Software µTorrent ist ein nur 154 Kilobyte großer BitTorrent-Client für Windows, der trotz seiner minimalen Größe mit einer guten Ausstattung aufwarten kann. Die Software wurde entwickelt, um den Betrieb des Host-Computers so wenig wie möglich zu beeinträchtigen. Eine Installation ist nicht nötig. Der Client belastet die CPU in geringem Maße und kommt normalerweise mit weniger als vier Megabyte Arbeitsspeicher aus. Er verfügt jedoch über alle Eigenschaften, die ein guter BitTorrent-Client mitbringen sollte. So kann er mehrere Downloads gleichzeitig durchführen und ebenso festlegen, zu welcher Uhrzeit wie viel Bandbreite genutzt werden darf.

Die heute erschienene Version 1.5 ist gleich 25 Kb grösser als die Vorherige, bietet aber auch eine ganze Reihe neuer Features, die den Umgang und die Nutzung von µTorrent erleichtern sollen.

  • Feature: Setting to determine the number of µTorrent users
  • Feature: Use icons instead of network ok/nat error
  • Feature: Auto detect read cache size
  • Feature: Language file can be auto updated
  • Feature: Keys can be used in main listview to move to the right item
  • Feature: New easter egg
  • Feature: RSS Help button
  • Feature: Reorder RSS favorites
  • Feature: If user is running from temporary internet files, prompt to install it
  • Feature: Added popup menu to easily change if the scheduler/dht is enabled
  • Feature: Added log-to-file option in logger
  • Feature: Option to always prioritize the rarest pieces
  • Feature: Added active/inactive categories in category list
  • Feature: DEL key works in RSS history, and the last item is selected
  • Feature: RSS history remembers only 500-600 items
  • Feature: XML parser supports # tags
  • Feature: Determine the values to show in the speed popup list automatically
  • Feature: Category list to filter main torrent list
  • Feature: Propagate encryption support through PEX
  • Feature: Choose what happens on double click in torrent list
  • Feature: Show a special message if utorrent crashes while NOD32 is active
  • Feature: Added scheduler mode to seed only (hold Shift button)
  • Feature: Support min_interval key
  • Feature: Ctrl Up/Down to move up/down a torrent
  • Feature: Show average up/down speed since start
  • Feature: Show encryption status in Flags field
  • Feature: Copy hosts from peer list
  • Feature: Peer Exchange (only with µT peers for now)
  • Feature: Protocol Encryption (compatible with future azureus)
  • Feature: Bypass Windows XP Firewall
  • Feature: Make torrent prioritized from add torrent window
  • Feature: RSS toolbar button
  • Feature: Smart RSS episode filtering - avoids downloading the same ep twice
  • Feature: ESC minimizes
  • Change: Rearranged settings dialog
  • Change: Default to priorizing rarest pieces
  • Change: Switch default theme
  • Change: Skip hidden/system files when creating torrent
  • Change: Right align some columns
  • Change: Remove spaces from urls in RSS feeds
  • Change: DHT binds UDP socket to net.bind_ip
  • Change: Smarter block hashing, tries to avoid re-reading from the file if possible
  • Change: Tracker connections obey max_halfopen/max_connections
  • Change: Switching folder in the Add window tries to detect if you point at an already downloaded folder
  • Change: Added support for " in XML parser
  • Change: Optimized disk-io
  • Change: coalesce_writes defaults to true
  • Change: &Exit to E&xit
  • Change: Show up/down arrows in listview headers
  • Change: Rearranged some stuff in the settings dialog
  • Change: Add FAQ to the help menu
  • Change: Use UTF-8 instead of utf-8 in created torrents
  • Change: Min autodetected piecesize is now 64k
  • Change: Remember last active RSS page
  • Change: Don't increase counters while paused
  • Change: Auto detect if RSS feed uses latin1 or utf8
  • Change: Sort by scrape peers instead of connected peers
  • Change: Relevance rounds up instead of down
  • Change: Rename langpack to utorrent.lng
  • Change: If langpack is in the exedir, it gets installed to APPDATA
  • Change: Remember if torrents have errored when you restart
  • Change: Optimizations to piecepicker algorithm
  • Change: Fast/Slow pieces
  • Change: Simplified encryption settings
  • Change: Support langpack.zip with translations
  • Change: Don't download first/last piece of a file first. Can be re-enabled
  • Change: Added a black down image to the spyglass icon
  • Change: Protect webui with a password
  • Change: Include beta build # in http requests
  • Change: Show in the search box
  • Change: Open partfile in read only mode if read/write fails
  • Change: Read cache uses less CPU
  • Change: Support paths >260 chars
  • Change: Icons in RSS Releases (thanks TVTAD)
  • Change: RSS Not filtering matches full release name
  • Change: RSS Reader supports more date formats
  • Change: Adjusted some lazy bitfield parameters
  • Change: Renamed to RSS Downloader
  • Change: Allow deleting multiple history lines at the same time
  • Change: Improvements to RSS parser
  • Change: Pause button toggles
  • Change: net.low_cpu defaults to false
  • Change: Reworked network code for faster speeds
  • Change: Add torrent dialog defaults to whatever folder entered in settings
  • Change: Added some qualities to rss reader
  • Change: Changed date format
  • Fix: Work better when large fonts are used
  • Fix: Prevent windows from going above pixel 0
  • Fix: Ratio on generals tab wasn't computed exactly like the main list
  • Fix: Crash bug with columns
  • Fix: Better support for adjusted computer clock
  • Fix: Don't behave incorrectly if 0-byte files are deleted by the user
  • Fix: If the torrent storage path hasn't been created, create it
  • Fix: Fix a crash related to language packs
  • Fix: Superseeding works better
  • Fix: RSS feeds are utf8-decoded
  • Fix: Deleting from RSS history forgot about sorting
  • Fix: Disallow some more characters from filenames
  • Fix: Crash when deleting multiple items from RSS history
  • Fix: RSS parser parsed month bad for some timestamps
  • Fix: Fixed crash in torrent creator
  • Fix: Ipfilter memory leak
  • Fix: Support mixes of name and name.utf8
  • Fix: Sorting reverse by name didn't work
  • Fix: Improved autoload so it waits a bit if the file hasn't fully been written to disk yet
  • Fix: Stop ALL torrents when scheduler is active
  • Fix: When moving a complete download, use the name entered in the add dialog instead of the default
Homepage: www.utorrent.com
Lizenztyp: Freeware/Kostenlos

Download: utorrent.exe (154 Kb)
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