eMule Plus 1.2 Final - Beliebte eMule-Modifikation

Software eMule Plus ist eine modifizierte und offizielle Version des beliebten Filesharing-Programms eMule. Der Mod steht nun in der Version 1.2 zum Download bereit. Er unterscheidet sich hauptsächlich durch eine verbesserte Oberfläche vom Original. Der Client ist Open Source und enthält keine Spy- oder Adware.

  • FEATURE: republish a file on file rating change to update server statistics
  • FEATURE: show file rating received from the server in the search list
  • FEATURE: detect Ogg Vorbis in AVI info
  • FEATURE: increased the file reask time for LowID clients up to 32 min in order to give them a chance to connect first & save a traffic on callback request
  • FEATURE: WebServer: added support for receiving the HTTP header "If-Modified-Since"
  • FEATURE: WebServer: compare "If-Modified-Since" and "Last-Modified" if they are the same, send the HTTP message 304 Not Modified, reducing file reloading
  • FEATURE: WebServer: added support for "Accept-Encoding", Gzip is now automatic
  • FEATURE: WebServer: added detection of caps lock while logging in
  • CHANGE: faster switching between the Known and Shared Files lists in the shared files view
  • CHANGE: avoided rare double publishing of a just completed file
  • CHANGE: applied a couple of optimizations for proxy support (from original)
  • CHANGE: more space for data in the search lists (reduced column margins)
  • CHANGE: updated Georgian flag
  • CHANGE: faster message preprocessing in the transfer window
  • CHANGE: avoid creating a link with sources for unshared files
  • CHANGE: MobileMule: protocol update (from original)
  • CHANGE: file sharing mode to allow read-only access to a preview file
  • CHANGE: improve timeout processing for open chat sessions
  • CHANGE: significantly improved downloading from MLdonkey clients
  • CHANGE: more compatibility with VC2005
  • CHANGE: revised and updated Lithuanian
  • CHANGE: WebServer: new HTML4.01 strict login pages carrying Gzip compression indicator
  • CHANGE: WebServer: reduced the file sizes of a lot of the images
  • CHANGE: WebServer: updated/corrected ed2k link generation in transfer/shared files lists
  • CHANGE: WebServer: reduced file I/O while loading templates
  • CHANGE: WebServer: optimized preparation of the tranfer page
  • CHANGE: WebServer: added forced word wrap to logs
  • CHANGE: WebServer: optimized processing of the requests for auxiliary files
  • CHANGE: WebServer: permanent javascripts were moved to .js files to reduce traffic
  • BUGFIX: startup (mostly Win98) when some windows were not available
  • BUGFIX: date display for maximum connections reached statistics
  • BUGFIX: copying of completing file instead of moving for case sensitive paths
  • BUGFIX: proxy SOCKS 5 authentication (from original)
  • BUGFIX: URL for the Internet version check was outdated
  • BUGFIX: some IP ranges couldn't be loaded from PeerGuardian database
  • BUGFIX: the whole shared files list resort when chunk hidden status was changed by double-click
  • BUGFIX: rating icon update when edit shortcut was pressed on selected chunk
  • BUGFIX: saving of some list data after failed start
  • BUGFIX: completed file deletion on Show File Details when temp and incoming folders're the same
  • BUGFIX: processing of the connected sources if file was stopped
  • BUGFIX: file reask by LowID client was skipped if a client is on the same server
  • BUGFIX: a warning about too many shared files when no server information available
  • BUGFIX: clipped string in category edit dialog
  • BUGFIX: WebServer: added appropriate response if a requested file is not found
  • BUGFIX: WebServer: the HTTP header "Last-Modified" is now the requested file's modification date and not the date of when the template was loaded
  • BUGFIX: WebServer: corrected page refresh feature
  • BUGFIX: WebServer: corrected tooltips code in XP template and a minor HTML error

Homepage: www.eMulePlus.info

Lizentyp: General Public License (GPL)/Kostenlos
Download: eMulePlus-1.2.Installer.exe (2,41 Mb; SF.net)
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