eMule Plus 1.1c - Filesharing-Client

Software eMule Plus ist eine modifizierte Version des beliebten Filesharing-Programms eMule. Der Mod steht nun in der Version 1.1c zum Download bereit. Er unterscheidet sich hauptsächlich durch eine verbesserte Oberfläche vom Original. Der Client ist Open Source und enthält keine Spy- oder Adware.

Änderungen seit der letzten Version:
  • FEATURE: middle mouse click opens comment dialog in Shared files window [netwolf]
  • FEATURE: support new ed2k tag format [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: show Incoming and Temp folders in category tabs tooltips {DopeFish} [katsyonak]
  • FEATURE: support several UDP server source packets in one UDP packet (official) [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: new protocol security features: provide file size for TCP & UDP server source requests {lugdunummaster} [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: save part file corrupted size and compression gain to .part.met file (official) [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: tooltips for truncated items in File Details->Sources Names [katsyonak]
  • FEATURE: show last ping time in server tooltips [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: server LowID users statistics (adapted from original) [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: Belarusian localization [Kryvich/Aw3]
  • FEATURE: show chunks which can be downloaded from the particular client on upload progress bar {DopeFish} [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: 'Folder' column in Search list which shows the location of the files at the remote client [netwolf]
  • FEATURE: add sources possibly received from global search (official) [netwolf]
  • FEATURE: 'Folder' column in Shared Files list [netwolf]
  • FEATURE: tooltips for the Friends and Search lists [katsyonak]
  • FEATURE: shared files permission to show files in the shared files list [netwolf]
  • FEATURE: output folder to Downloadlist tooltips + context menu indicator if alternative destination folder is used [netwolf]
  • FEATURE: tooltips for the Shared Files list [SyruS/katsyonak]
  • FEATURE: auto-download lists for inside-group file spreading and other nice uses [kuchin]
  • CHANGE: improved rare part selection when several rare sources are available for download {DopeFish} [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: more compatible way to save part file statistics: requests, accepted requests, transferred data [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: zlib library update to 1.2.2 [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: faster loading and saving of configuration files [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: several file tag codes changed to be more compatible (UL/DL priorities and category) [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: check possible values during parameters loading from known.met and .part.met [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: delete FT_PARTFILENAME tags found in known.met on its load [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: faster loading of ip-to-country information [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: don't save some tags with zero values to .part.met and known.met files [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: better looking Turkey flag icon [bertan]
  • CHANGE: optimized parameter tag processing (preparation and parsing) [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: optimized server list sorting [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: don't save tags with zero values to server.met [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: unified display of file permission and upload file priority [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: current fake list is loaded until the new one is downloaded [KuSh]
  • CHANGE: create an ED2K link without sources info if it isn't connected [KuSh]
  • CHANGE: don't use 32 bit color if OS/comctl32.dll doesn't support it (official) [netwolf]
  • CHANGE: forced sources saving during client close [DonGato/Aw3]
  • CHANGE: when a new version is available, taskbar notifier now informs you (if version check is enabled) [netwolf]
  • CHANGE: unified level of accuracy of speed displays in Transfer window [netwolf]
  • CHANGE: reworked control over number of clients in the upload queue [Eklmn]
  • CHANGE: WebServer: time refresh no longer scrolls back the page to the top [Psy]
  • CHANGE: WebServer: thin separation lines on download list for Firefox [Psy]
  • BUGFIX: Shared Files progress indicators borders in a themed Windows environment [katsyonak]
  • BUGFIX: auto resume from stand-by {Mikelke/al37919} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: eliminated erroneous possibility to rename completed file in file details by pressing Enter [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: weird issues caused by file renaming after completion (within current session) {DopeFish} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: corrected calculation of server download overhead [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: possible fix for Taskbar Notifier focus stealing [katsyonak]
  • BUGFIX: corrected initial servers port of the source found by UDP source request [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: eliminated sending of empty UDP source request packet (OP_GLOBGETSOURCES) [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: removed several loadings of .part.dir files on startup [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: removed double loading of .part.settings file on startup [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: friend last seen time value update [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: resource string loading when localized string is missed {Psy} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: display of Max. Users in the server list [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: server list sorting by IP [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: closable tabs display in a themed Windows environment [katsyonak]
  • BUGFIX: some server priority (server.met) incompatibility with the original eMule [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: saving of several server parameters to server.met [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: removed one extra file sources saving attempt [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: overflow of upload client bandwidth calculation (for upload limits > 1048 KBytes/s) {cvictor} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: more robust ed2k link parser [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: localization of ed2k link parsing errors [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: parsing ed2k-links with AICH hash (official) [roytam1]
  • BUGFIX: corrected remaining chunk time and size display at the end of the chunk [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: disable starting of next download (if enabled) after fakes.rar completion {Prodoc} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: fixed hidden column appearing when hitting 'CTRL+' [KuSh]
  • BUGFIX: memory leaks in Websocket (official) [netwolf]
  • BUGFIX: memory leak in Archive Recovery thread (official) [netwolf]
  • BUGFIX: prevent adding install/working directories to Shared files [netwolf]
  • BUGFIX: corrected VLC auto-detection attempt if there is no other player specified [netwolf]
  • BUGFIX: minor statistics plot shift to the left [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: WebServer: fixed problem with Mozilla browsers and confirmations [DonGato]
Lizenztyp: General Public License (GPL)
Projekt-Homepage: eMulePlus.info
Download: eMulePlus-1.1c.Installer.exe (2,4 MB; SourceForge.net)
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