Windows Update Version 5 RC2 verfügbar!


Die Betatester des Windows Update Version 5 wurden über den RC2 mit folgender E-Mail informiert. Das Update kann entweder von der Windows Update Version 5 RC1 Seite geladen werden oder automatisch durch die Windows eigene Funktion Automatische Updates.

**DO NOT REPLY - THIS E-MAIL IS BEING SENT TO YOU FROM AN UNMONITORED ACCOUNT. Due to Microsoft's security requirements, the hyperlink(s) contained in this e-mail may not automatically open your browser. If you experience any difficulty, please copy the link and paste into your browser. **

Date:  June 29, 2004

Beta ID:  xxxxxx
Name:  xxxxx xxxxx

Dear Windows Update V5 Beta testers:

Windows XP SP2 RC2 is now available as a download from the Windows Update (WU) v5 site as well as through Automatic Updates. Windows XP SP2 RC2 is being made available to the general public through the WU v5 site.

· When you visit the WU v5 RC2 site, the WU client software on your computer may be updated to the RC2 version. You may not be prompted to restart your computer but to complete install of the updated client you should restart your computer.
· The pre-release versions of WU and Windows XP SP2 are for testing purposes only.
· Please do not depend on the pre-release versions of WU to keep your computer secure and up to date. If you are not a Windows XP SP2 Beta program participant, keep your computer secure and up to date by visiting If you are part of the Windows XP SP2 Beta program, please take extra care regarding computer security, as you will not be able to go back to the WU v4 site.

Please Visit the WU Pages on BetaPlace - New Surve

A new survey has been posted to the WU pages on BetaPlace. Please visit the site and respond to the questions. Several questions are identical to those asked on the last survey, while others have changed. We asked some of the questions again because correlating the responses from the two surveys could force us to discard some important responses. In the new survey, we incorporated your comments regarding anti-virus applications and firewalls. This survey is very important for understanding the makeup of our beta testing community and planning for future betas!

Reporting Bugs in Microsoft Beta Client (MBC)

It is important to use the latest version of the MBC to report bugs. This will ensure the delivery of the proper troubleshooting files. You can download the latest MBC at As of 6/28, the current version is v1.2.

The WU Beta team will continue to send out news updates. Please send content suggestions or comments regarding the beta page layout to or post them to the newsgroup.

Thank you very much!
Windows Update Team

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