XPlite/2000lite 1.5 - Windows entschlacken

Software Windows2000 und WindowsXP können Sie mit diesem Tool erleichtern und entschlacken, ähnlich wie mit dem Vorgänger 98lite.

Mittels weniger Mausclicks entfernen Sie spielend leicht überflüssiges aus Ihrem Windows-System, für dass Sie ansonsten Tief in Ihr System abtauchen hätten müssen - so entfernen Sie für Sie nicht benötigte Tools und Erweiterungen.

Das ist neu an dieser Build:
· Faster Option tree loading.
· Added label for load profile above the AddRemove tree (only visible if a saved profile is loaded)
· Improve tracking of options that user has selected to be modified. Next button on addremove tab should now always be disabled when there it nothing new selected.
· Optimise uninstaller process to only bother with modified features resulting in much faster configuration when only a couple of items are selected for modification.
· By popular demand iis was added (Internet Information Services). This option just reads the existing iis.inf file in the c:windowsinf folder to duplicate the pre-existing addremove capability.
· Fix to Win2000 systems that failed to initiate the setup engine due to bug in iis implementation.
· Fix to comply with XP SP2 Data Execution Prevention initiatives.
· Changed removal of Workstation service to leave hardware bindings behind on uninstall so that a reinstall can pick up the network adapater and protocols correctly.
· Temp Folder is now cleanly deleted when XPlite closes
· Added ability to import verbatum INF files in UNICODE format. Using this mechanisms we added MS's IIS component to the tree.
· Improved reset of multimedia playback to Mplayer2.exe following removal of WMP7,8,9,10
· Repaired bug that prevented adding URLS to Trusted Sites and Restricted Sites in the internet control panel if you removed IE with XPlite/2000lite and then reinstalled IE back using XPlite/2000lite
· Fixed bug with XPlite following component dependencies within the addremove tree when forcing a re-removal (we missed this in the last build)
· Added improved error logging if Administrator group does not have the privelages to disable WFP.
· Enhanced the ability for XPlite to follow component dependencies within the addremove tree. In prior versions XPlite did not track dependencies properly if entire branches were selected. This should now be fixed.
· Added ability to remove OS2 and POSIX emulation from windows 2000.
· Linked the AddRemove tree to the new info website http://www.litepc.com/xplite/. Right click on any feature for "More Information..." or use the link on the tab. Now to strengthen the web content!
· Included hard coded entry points for disabling wfp on XP SP2. These are not needed as the system is smooth without - but nice to have as a fallback.
· A few tricks for our Pirate friends.
· Added ability to send config info to Litepc.com to collect stats on what people are installing and uninstalling from Windows. OFF by default.
· Added default code page detection so non-ANSI font languages (Japanese) display properly under Windows 2000.
· Added Code Page identifier to the Language Modules to override default code page if that is wanted.
· detect currect active code page and adjust accordingly (to fix language display on win2000 systems)
· Removed IE HTML Rendering Engine from 2000lite as Win2000 needs the html libraries for the addremove control panel applet
· Added IE HTML Rendering Engine as separate component - for ultimate security can now totally remove IE and leave the system without any ability to browse the internet.
· Following components have added dependency on the IE HTML Rendering Engine: Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player 7+
· Added VBScript as removable module
· Added JavaScript as removable module
· Added Remote Assistance as removable module
· Added Briefcase as removable module
· Win2K - Alternative method to install that avoids an MS bug in registering a COM+ system file that causes the Windows 2000 setup engine to abort the install when COM+ is selected leaving some selected features uninstalled
· Corrected the installation of the Workstation Service and Automatic Updates Service under Windows 2000. Fixes error "The Workstation service failed to start due to the following error: The executable program that this service is configured to run in does not implement the service. "
· Added COMplus as dependency for System Restore

Das Programm ist Shareware.
Weitere Infos:
Download: Software-Download
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