Barts PE-Builder 3.1.8b - Windows LiveCD erstellen

Software Bei Barts PE-Builder handelt es sich um ein Tool, mit dem es möglich ist, ein Windows-basierendes System auf CD zu brennen. Diese CD ist bootfähig und dient beispielsweise zur Datenrettung, Virenscan, Festplattenpartitionierung und vielem mehr. D Das Programm bietet eine komplette Win32-Umgebung mit Netzwerkunterstützung, einer grafischen Oberfläche (800x600 Pixel Auflösung) und FAT-, NTFS- und CDFS-Unterstützung. Heute wurde nach fast einem Jahr Entwicklungszeit eine neue Beta-Version veröffentlicht.

barts pe builderbarts pe builderbarts pe builderbarts pe builder

Dies sind die Änderungen seit Version 3.1.3:
  • Bug fix: When trying to copy ",,2" pebuilder always took the files from the pebuilder directory (default registry build location). PE Builder now never looks in de pebuilder directory anymore (maybe add an attribuut in time when needed).
  • Changed the registry building routines for the above bug fix. Instead of using the pebuilder directory as a temporarily place for building the registry files, PE Builder now directly uses the output location. This also saves an extra copy step.
  • A lot of changes to the program for multi language support.
  • Starburn now using SPTi, no need for aspi (WnASPI32.dll) anymore.
  • Improved starburn burning routines.
  • Added a data verify option for starburn.
  • Added context sensive and multilanguage enabled help (F1 key). See translations.txt for more information.
  • If you change the plugin list columnwidth, the columnwidth is saved to input.inf as "pluginColumns".
  • Ability to suppress warnings (input.inf -> SupressWarnings=1)
  • Added a parser variable @Language@, which expands to the filename of the current selected language (for example "german").
  • Added a new "search" dialog. This dialog will search all drives (of the type: fixed, CD-Rom or removable) and all directories for valid windows installation files. Depending on how much files are on your system, this can take a while! When more than one valid location is found, a dialog will appear where you can select which location you want to use.
  • Somehow I managed to remove the duplicateonce option in mkisofs, have put it back.
  • Added language autodetect, to enable this you must fill in the lcid in the language file.
  • The current language file is copied on the CD as system32\lang\default.lng (directory id for "system32\lang" is 29999).
  • The master language file (english) is copied on the CD as system32\lang\master.lng
  • lang\english.lng: updated, other languages need to check/update the following language strings: 35, 159-162, 206-216, 260-287 added lcid=409
  • lang\dutch.lng: almost redone the entire file (dutch is my first language) added lcid=413
  • plugin\bartpe\netconfig.exe, updated for multilanguage support.
  • Removed the firefox plugin, instead of this a new "ready to use" plugin has been created as a separate download. Check the PE Builder page for this.
  • More changes to the program for multi language support.
  • Starburn devices can be selected manually (not autodetect).
  • Starburn now defaults to TAO write mode and not DAO.
  • You can now select between burning with cdrecord or starburn.
  • Fixed, [<<] and [>>] navigation buttons when using a non-english language.
  • deepburner plugin (see plugin\deepburner\deepburner.htm)
  • lang\english.lng: updated
  • lang\dutch.lng: updated
  • pebuider.inf: added enable showing ACL permissions sheet on files and folders
  • firefox plugin, create a complete new plugin.
  • More changes to the program for multi language support.
  • A lot of changes made to whole program for multi language support.
  • In a network .inf file, if the word (class) "Net" is written in lowercase it causes the builder to skip it as an unsupported class.
  • This has been fixed by using a caseless compare.
  • Skipping the beta popup warning when running with -auto parameter on the command line.
  • Changed the uppercase function, now uppercase is called *after* the plugins are parsed. Directories and files with dirid < 30000 are converted to uppercase.
  • plugin\starwind: iSCSI Target [server] from Rocket Division Software
  • plugin\zz5\nu2shell: There was some testing code left behind in nu2shell.exe that fixed the ramdrive letter to "b:", removed it.
  • plugin\zz5\nu2shell\nu2shell.inf: Fixed space in path problem.
  • The Windows files are build/copied in UPPERCASE. No need for mkisofs.exe to uppercase the entire CD anymore. This opens the option to burn for example with Nero Burning Rom v6.6.0.6 (and higher). Here is how to burn when using Nero Burning Rom: 1) New compilation, CD-ROM (Boot), [Boot] Image file=\BartPE\bootsect.bin, kind of emulation=no emulation, number of loaded sectors=4 [ISO] data mode=1, file system=ISO 9660:1999 *** Important! any other file system then "ISO 9660:1999" will not work!!! *** 2) Add all files and folders from your pebuilder output folder (\BartPE by default) to your compilation. 3) Burn it.
  • Added a "config" button to the plugin dialog to start a configuration tool for a plugin. This configuration tool can be a script or a executable. Add to the [PEBuilder] section the key "Config". Sample: [PEBuilder] Name="Nu2Shell" Enable=1 Config=nu2shellcfg.exe @PluginFile@
  • Added a parser variable @PluginFile@, which expands to the filename of the current plugin (absolute path).
  • Added a "refresh" button to the plugin dialog to reread the plugin files.
  • Added "XP style look".
  • Added a check for administrator rights, for building pebuilder needs administrator rights.
  • Added a check to tell the user that a beta version is being used.
  • plugin\zz5\nu2shell: Added "nu2shellcfg.exe" for setting password and boot prompt. See "config" button in PE Builder plugin dialog.
  • pebuilder.inf, small change, removed winbom.ini and winpeoem.sif. Added fsutil.exe
  • plugin\ramdrive: Updated to a Nu2 Production version This version is specially created for BartPE.
  • plugin\firefox: Firefox v1.0.1
  • pe2usb.cmd: this installs BartPE to USB Flash Drive using setupldr from w2ksp1 with a ramdisk-bootstrap-loader. See pe2usb.txt for more info.
  • plugin\peloader, sorry theTruth!
  • plugin\!profiles. Nu2shell.exe now creates the profiles.
Achtung: Da es beim Starten einer CD mit der ursprünglichen Version 3.1.8a zu einem Fehler kam, hat der Autor gestern abend bereits eine aktualisierte Version 3.1.8b zum Download bereitgestellt, bei der das Problem nicht mehr auftreten sollte.


Lizenztyp: Freeware
Download: (3,12 Mb; Weitere Mirror)
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