eMule Plus 1.1e - Offizielle eMule-Modifikation

Software eMule Plus ist eine modifizierte und offizielle Version des beliebten Filesharing-Programms eMule. Der Mod steht nun in der Version 1.1e zum Download bereit. Er unterscheidet sich hauptsächlich durch eine verbesserte Oberfläche vom Original. Der Client ist Open Source und enthält keine Spy- oder Adware.

  • FEATURE: Extremaduran localization [purgossu/Aw3]
  • FEATURE: ED2K link shortcuts for Server and Search lists [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: mark with '*' in the list shared files which should be published on the server [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: added possibility to get preview parts for .asf files {DonGato} [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: log canceled files [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: Croatian localization [lhay/Aw3]
  • FEATURE: try to auto-detect Media Player Classic path if no valid player is set [katsyonak]
  • FEATURE: show time remaining to client reask in download list client tooltip {azhad} [katsyonak]
  • FEATURE: IRC autojoin to #emule+ and current localized language channel if supported [katsyonak]
  • FEATURE: added eMugle web search support [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: added eMugle's File Information to web services [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: show media information (length, bitrate and codec) for search results [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: process client shortcuts for friend list too {DopeFish} [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: store corrupted part list in .part.met to continue recovering after restart [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: support for extended UDP server protocol to get multiple file search results in one UDP packet [Aw3]
  • FEATURE: WebServer: main menu can be locked to the top of the page {Fuxie - DK} [Psy/SyruS]
  • CHANGE: consider files .djvu as documents [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: proper detection of new Hybrid versions [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: major Lithuanian language update [Unlimiter]
  • CHANGE: major Greek language update [geodimo]
  • CHANGE: major Korean language update [p5657587]
  • CHANGE: major Catalan language update [ernzzz]
  • CHANGE: faster remote client name handling in the lists [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: unified way to display client name and version [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: unified and regrouped shortcuts [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: reduced number of GDI objects in Statistics window [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: format of command line switch from "limits=UpLim[,DownLim]" to "limits=[UpLim][:DownLim]" [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: removed locking of Reload button [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: improved files publishing algorithm on the server (adapted from original) [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: don't republish shared file on the server after renaming [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: reimplemented "connection in 5 sec" condition, now it does not use average [Eklmn]
  • CHANGE: slightly reduced main timer processing overhead [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: more space for data in upload pane lists (reduced column margins) [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: faster drawing of some list elements [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: faster part traffic processing and drawing [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: changed IRC server to irc.emuleplus.info {Madmax75adsl} [katsyonak/kuchin]
  • CHANGE: moved IRC VERSION messages to the status log [katsyonak]
  • CHANGE: some optimizations for download list processing and drawing [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: show client port and country at chat session start [katsyonak]
  • CHANGE: updated FileDonkey web search [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: optimized search list sorting [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: show message taskbar indicator also when Message pane is active but eMule Plus isn't topmost [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: faster size to string conversion [Aw3]
  • CHANGE: WebServer: updated FileDonkey web search [SyruS]
  • BUGFIX: Change Destination Directory for multiple files {Capitan Hispania} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: speed-meter disappearance after several turns on/off [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: loss of server list caused by fast client closure right after startup [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: upload autopriority calculation for paused/stopped files {KuSh} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: corrected some basic file functions rarely working wrong [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: JumpStart and hidden parts reporting {DopeFish/DoubleT} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: overflow of download client bandwidth calculation if limit is in use (for limits > 210 KBytes/s) [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: file share mode to eliminate "Failed to save OnlineSig.dat" [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: corrected calculation of corruption loss size [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: cumulative statistics of lost due to corruption was always zero after restart {muleteer} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: corrected calculation of lost due to corruption in Projected Averages statistics [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: speed-meter scaling after rate capacity change [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: fixed incorrect socket closure if connection was lost [Eklmn]
  • BUGFIX: socket processing flaw causing exceptions at the end of downloading {muleteer} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: user hash display in client details for Exchanged Source [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: client rating display in client details for Saved Source [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: missed preferences localization {BouRock} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: shared files hashing issues when hashing stopped {Juokelis/GMGMGM/taltamir} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: possibility to have files with the same hash in shared files list [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: download list update after enable/disable of some related preferences options [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: sorting issues when 'Show paused and stopped files last' is enabled {muleteer} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: wrong next UDP search time in statistics right before search start {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: context menu launched by hot key in download list could be for incorrect list item [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: some shortcut actions could be for wrong download list item {DopeFish} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: disabled 'Clear All' button after request of shared files list [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: Send Message action by double-click in friends list [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: corrected friends list to display a default action in context menu [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: friend state update in known clients list when state is changed in download list [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: chunk found corrupted on file completion wasn't marked as corrupted to make recovery faster [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: corruption loss statistics wasn't updated when chunk is found corrupted on file completion [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: disable of blinking new message taskbar indicator [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: removed unrequired part file saving and list updates on part file renaming in file details dialog [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: part file renaming {dirkmill} [Aw3]
  • BUGFIX: WebServer: javascript error while showing menu in Turkish {BouRock} [Aw3]

Homepage: www.eMulePlus.info

Lizentyp: General Public License (GPL)/Kostenlos
Download: eMulePlus-1.1e.Installer.exe (2411 KByte)

Quelle: News-Einsendung - Screeny
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