cFos 6.10 Final (Build 2875) - ISDN- & DSL-Treiber

Software Vom ADSL,PPPoE,ISDN-CAPI- und ATM-Treiber cFos wurde heute nach langer Betaphase die finale Version 6.10 zum Download freigegeben. cFos bietet viel mehr Features als die Standard-Treiber. Als besonderes Highlight ermöglicht cFos die Erhöhung der Internetgeschwindigkeit durch Traffic Shaping. DSL-Features:
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Onlinezeit- und Volumenzähler
  • Zeitsynchronisation
  • Diagnose Log-Datei und Verbindungsbericht
  • Starten von externen Programmen beim Ein- und Ausloggen
  • Smart Inactivity Timeouts

  • 0190er Nummern Blocker
  • Kanalbündelung
  • Anrufmonitor
  • Daten-Kompression
  • Homebanking
  • X.31 (Datenübertragung im ISDN D-Kanal)
  • Analog-Modem Unterstützung
  • Automatische Protokoll-Auswahl für eingehende ISDN Rufe

  • cFos now supports Multilink PPP.
  • Added RTP (real-time transport protocol, RFC 2550) support. cFos will automatically detect RTP data and put it into the 'high' class, thus ensuring fast transmission and low latency. Popular RTP applications are Voice over IP (VoIP) and streaming media.
  • New skin: Liquid crystal! This skin can be used in conjunction with your own bitmap. To use your own background image, replace back.tga in the line "background=back.tga" in the [All] section with name of your bitmap. As a sample we included matrix.tga. The supported formats are BMP and TGA.
  • cFos now works with the default cFosSpeed skins as well. They are included in the distribution.
  • Usually cFos handles your TCP MSS ("MSS clamping") (i.e. the MTU forTCP packets). This work automatically and the MSS values are chosen so data transfer rates and ping times are best. But if you want cFos to leave the MSS alone, you can now set "cfo gset handle_mss 0" to instruct it so. Add a "-save" to have the setting saved in cfos.ini. Switching off MSS handling is not recommended.
  • Added support for composite background images for the skins. Also you can now limit skin sections for cFos or cFosSpeed only. So you can make skins for both products. See for details.
  • cFos' program group now has an "Open console" entry to open a command line in cFos' directory. This is helpful to enter cfo.exe commands.
  • Added more diagnostics that are displayed in the "cfo pingstat" command.
  • All global variables (which can be shown with "cfo gset") can now be saved to cfos.ini by typing "cfo gset -save".
  • New gset variables max_dump_size, max_fwlog_size, max_pinglog_size that hold the maximum sizes for the respective log/dump files.
  • "cfo set" and "gset" commands now accept numbers with binary units (like k, m, g etc) and hex values (numbers prefixed by "0x"). E.g. "cfo gset max_dump_size 10m" sets the maximum size the dump.txt file can get to 10 megabytes.
  • Added gset dump_framing variable.
  • Added sethops command to ease setting the add_hops parameter to a desired value. Just use "cfo sethops " to make test pings have TTL
  • The HTA applets wouldn't start under Win9x. Fixed.
  • Further relaxed the checks of ping replies.
  • Fixed gset dump_tcp_data and dump_udp_data variables. You could change them but it had only effect when you saved and then restarted. Now it works immediately.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused cFos to crash when shutting down witha connection still active.
  • Fixed Antarctica skin.
  • The new pinglog feature caused a small delay on some ping packets. Pinglog is now disabled by default.
  • Improvements to the ACK filter for certain download hosts.
  • "cfo tsclear" and the context menu entry "clear calibration data" will no longer clear the addhops and msslimit and the new avg_time parameters.
  • The modem "cFos ISDN, Internet, 2nd Sync PPP over HDLC" has been changed not to drop carrier on an incoming call. If you want the old behaviour, add "ATS74.12=1" to the modem's extra settings.
  • Removed TCP checksumming and some other sanity checks. If cFos gets invalid packets now it's likely it'll ignore them and just pass them on. Before now, they would have been dropped.


Lizenztyp: Shareware (45 Euro)
Software-Download: cfos-nt-2000-xp-v610.exe (2,73 Mb)

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