ChrisTV V4.01 - Fernsehen am PC

Software ChrisTV Professional ist ein analoges Tool um über die TV-Karte fernzusehen. Enthaltene Features sind u.a. Scheduler, Deinterlacing, Aufnahme und Zoom. Beim Aufnehmen lassen sich viele Parameter wie z.B. Kompressionsraten für Ton und Bild, verwendeter Codec, Auflösung oder Frame-Rate individuell einstellen.

Unterstützt alle TV Karten basierend auf BT8x8 Chipset, Philips SAA713x Chipset, Conexant CX2388x.

Das ist neu an dieser Build:
· Version 4.00 of this suite of products includes the well known ChrisTV Standard and ChrisTV Professional. ChrisTV Lite is the new member of this suite, coming as a FREEWARE for non-commercial use. ChrisTV Standard and ChrisTV Professional are available as shareware with 30 days FREE trial period.
· ChrisTV can be controlled from now on easily also through the ChrisTV Skinnable Control Panel introduced in order to help our Users to TAKE control OVER their TV Cards, with just a simple mouse click.
· In order to configure ChrisTV and optimize your TV Card settings a Configuration Wizard has been added in Professional and Standard versions.
· Now you can record live TV or convert your favourite VHS Tapes directly to MPEG 1 or MPEG 2 files, by using the MPEG Recording Module ( Registered MPEG 1/2 filters required to be installed) with many recording presets ( for example DVD, SVCD, VCD etc. )
· In ChrisTV Professional you can customize the MPEG Recording Settings such as MPEG type, video & audio bitrate, frame size, frame rate etc.
· Video Frame Cropping filter for AVI and MPEG recording has been added to let ChrisTV users crop the video frame to a specified frame size or to remove undesirable frame lines in the captured files (available in Professional version only)
· ChrisTV Scheduler has been improved and offers our users the option to choose the Scheduled task type between : Once, Daily and Weekly. Also you are able to set the name for the recorded file.
· Once : the scheduled task will be only once, at the specified time and date.
· Daily : the task will occur each day or at specified days interval, at the specified time and date.
· Weekly : you can choose the day of the week when you want to schedule the task.
· ChrisTV Agent has been optimized to work with the new scheduler features.
· Recording profiles added for saving MPEG and Radio/Audio recording settings (available in Professional version only)
· Image Capture and Mosaic Mode have been optimized to work correctly with TV Cards and Combo Cards that have only Capture Pin.
· The support for ATI All in Wonder TV Combo Cards has been improved.
· Auto-scanning by channel number feature has been improved for some countries.
· Auto-scanning channel tables have been updated.
· Added the option to Reset ChrisTV Windows positions, useful when you use multimonitor enviroments, the feature is available in ChrisTV Quick Configuration Panel.
· Some minor fixes and improvements in the AVI recording module.
· Other small fixes and improvements.

Das Pro-Programm und die Standard sind Shareware, es gibt auch eine abgespeckte Free-Version.
Download: ChrisTV 4.01 Standard

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