Messenger Plus! Live 4.21.270 - Messenger-AddOn

Software Der Entwickler von Messenger Plus!, hat eine neue Ausgabe seiner Erweiterung für den neuen Windows Live Messenger veröffentlicht. Mit diesem Add-On können Nutzer des Windows Live Messenger viele neue Funktionen hinzufügen, darunter auch die Möglichkeit, mehrere Konten zu verwenden. In der neuen Version 4.21.270 wurden eher geringere Veränderungen vorgenommen. So dürfen sich die Entwickler von Scripten über einen verbesserten Scripteditor freuen, in dem sich nun auch Texte mit "STRG+F" finden lassen. Weiter zeigt das Programm dem Entwickler bei Fehlern nun den betroffenen Dateinamen und die zugehörige Zeile im Scriptcode an.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.0Messenger Plus! Live 4.0Messenger Plus! Live 4.0Messenger Plus! Live 4.0

  • This version includes access to the 6th anniversary contest that will start in about a week from now. This will be removed in the next version when the contest is over. For more information, check out the announcement on
  • A new selection criteria has been added for event notifications. You can now choose to create notifications that automatically apply to contacts with opened conversation windows. Useful for example to get notified when someone signs-out unexpectedly if you don't notice it in the chat window.
  • No extra header is added to chat logs anymore when closing a chat window and reopening it soon after. The default timeout for new session headers is 10 minutes and can be modified with the new ChatLogSessionWait registry setting.
  • To help people who customize the looks of their Messenger Plus! chat logs, if a "custom.css" file is found in the Messenger Plus!'s installation directory, it is automatically copied in the directory of newly created XHTML chat log files (only if no custom.css file already exits in the destination directory).
  • Blocked contacts are now displayed with the grey offline buddy icon when needed in tabbed chats and desktop contact windows.
  • An option has been added to display the e-mail of the current user in the tooltip of the systray icon (mostly useful when using several accounts together, enabled by default).
  • The contact name displayed in custom event notifications can now be modified by formatting the message like this: \Name\Message.
  • A Turkish translation has been added to the setup.
  • Added a new fail-safe mechanism to add the "Plus! Not Loaded" menu in more failure circumstances, to inform the user of the problem.
  • The setup uses a better compression method and is now even smaller than it was for version 4.00.
  • Scripts from the previous script developer contest are not included anymore (they can all be downloaded from the site).
  • The default font for HTML chat logs has been changed from Microsoft Sans Serif to MS Shell Dlg (which actually maps to your system's default UI font). This was changed in Messenger some time ago and the change in Messenger Plus! will reduce the size of HTML log files generated with the default font (the logs will look the same as before).
  • If several event notifications apply to the same user and have exactly the same parameters (message & sound), the notifications are not duplicated.
  • When a script is installed, enabled or disabled, the change is reflected in every Messenger currently running. When that happens, all the scripts in the other instances are restarted. To avoid causing problems to script developers, creating a new script or editing an existing one will not trigger an automatic reload in the other instances.
  • Fixed: scripts or add-ons that add a systray icon can cause problems to some of the Messenger Plus! features.
  • Fixed: the new enhanced text copy feature does not support RTF (formatting attributes are not copied with the text).
  • Fixed: the enhanced text copy feature is not used when pressing Ctrl+Ins or Shift+Del.
  • Fixed: Messenger Plus! notification popups do not stack and appear one at a time.
  • Fixed: encrypted logs cannot be generated nor read on some Windows accounts if the Messenger Plus! keyset container got corrupted.
  • Fixed: auto-update setup does not launch on Windows Vista (fixed for future auto-updates, excluding this version).
  • Fixed: Messenger Lock does not sign-out the current user if his status is appear-offline (when "sign-out" is the status selected for the lock).
  • Fixed: chat windows cannot be opened anymore and Messenger may crash if a third-party software is used to close a tabbed chat window.
  • Fixed: bug introduced in the last version. Tabbed chats don't flash when some special actions such as /me commands or winks are received.
  • Scripts: fixed a problem with rich edit controls re-appearing after a position change of the parent.
  • Scripts: added EditBox_SetCurSel, EditBox_ReplaceSel, EditBox_GetCurSelStart, EditBox_GetCurSelEnd, RichEdit_GetTextRange and RichEdit_SetCharFormat to PlusWnd objects to simplify working with edit controls.
  • Scripts: Interop::Call and Interop::Call2 now accept up to 12 parameters so that functions like CreateWindowEx can be called if needed.
  • Scripts: fixed title bar draw glitch when sending WM_SETICON to an interface window.
  • Scripts: OnEvent_Timer function calls are not automatically displayed in the Script Debugging window anymore. This prevents the window from filling up with continuous repetitive calls.
Achtung: Während der Installation wird nachgefragt, ob das Sponsor-Programm (Adware) installiert werden soll. Wer den Entwickler nicht unterstützen möchte, sollte hier während der Installation "Ich möchte Messenger Plus! nicht unterstützen, Installation ohne Sponsor" auswählen. Dadurch entstehen dem Nutzer keine Nachteile, das Programm wird lediglich ohne die Werbe-Software installiert.


Lizenztyp: Freeware
Download: MsgPlusLive-421.exe (3,70 Mb; mehrsprachig)
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