FileZilla Server V0.9.4d - FTP Server - Update

Software FileZilla Server, die beliebte kostenlose Software zum "Aufsetzen" eines FTP-Servers, liegt in einer neuen Version vor.   
Filezilla Server ist einfach zu konfigurieren und sehr komfortabel im Betrieb.

Two memory leaks in the service have been fixed, pease update.


new features:
- List of connected users displays more details: IP, current file, progress and speed. Based on patch by "Tropics"
- Admininterface reconnects automatically after connection loss
- Folders to which the user has no access, won't be displayed in directory listings
- All IP filters can now also filter hostnames using regular expressions, based on patch from Sebastian Schuberth
- implemented MLSD and MLST commands
- implemented ALLO command
- If user password in settings file is not 32 characters long (and thus not a MD5 hash) convert it to a MD5 hash.

removed features:
The permissions handling code has been simplified a lot. In the process some features as described above have been removed, partially due to better alternatives.

- Removed non-relative directory structure mode. It did expose the servers physical directory structure. Also there were some bugs regarding this mode in the previous code.
- Removed "Resolve Shortcuts" option. Aliases are more flexible since they allow username replacement (using :u) and don't depend on some files on your drive which could be replaced by other applications.

fixed bugs:
- Dashes as prefix for command line options did not work
- Time pickers in speedlimit rule dialog did change type to date pickers.
- Internal changes for 64bit portability
- Fixed rare crash which could occur whenever a user disconneced
- Fixed crashes if stopping server
- Use proper reply for MKD commands to already existing directories
- No longer display folder selection dialog for remote administration sessions.
- Internal changes to reduce CPU load
- could not kick users (fixed in 0.9.4a)
- MKD did freeze server (fixed in 0.9.4b)
- memory leaks fixed (0.9.4d)

Lizenztyp: Das Programm ist kostenlos erhältlich.
Download: Software-Download

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