ChrisTV V3.80 - Fernsehen am PC

Software ChrisTV Professional ist ein analoges Tool um über die TV-Karte fernzusehen. Enthaltene Features sind u.a. Scheduler, Deinterlacing, Aufnahme und Zoom. Beim Aufnehmen lassen sich viele Parameter wie z.B. Kompressionsraten für Ton und Bild, verwendeter Codec, Auflösung oder Frame-Rate individuell einstellen.

Unterstützt alle TV Karten basierend auf BT8x8 Chipset, Philips SAA713x Chipset, Conexant CX2388x.

Das ist neu an dieser Build:
  • The support for graphic cards with Video Input (VIVO) and combo cards (Graphic & TV Card) like ATI All in Wonder Radeon series and Nvidia Cards has been improved. For more information about this issue please check ChrisTV F.A.Q.
  • Added a new option "Use Advanced Rendering Mode" to improve the image quality on TV Cards that have only the capture pin (like Asus TV/FM and Combo Cards).
  • The support for Intel HyperThreading CPUs and AMDs CPUs above 2600 Mhz has been improved, there should be no more Windows fatal errors on ChrisTV launch :)
  • The bug that prevented on some setups the Windows Shutdown, while ChrisTV was running, has been removed.
  • Improved the autoscanning by channel number for people living in USA and Canada ( channel mapping - syncronize channel name with the channel number )
  • ChrisTV launching and closing time have been improved, due to optimizations that were made to the channels list loading/saving procedures.
  • The Channels Settings window can now be resized, in order for the user to see all channels settings from the list.
  • Added the feature to use custom TV Icons/Logos, if you want to find the TV Icon faster just type their name in the tv logo edit box.
    In order to add custom tv icons, you have to place your favourite TV Icon (picture format: BMP, 32x16), into ChrisTVTV Icons" folder and restart ChrisTV to refresh the icon list.
  • You can now select for each channel if it's active (favorite) or not. In the Channels List Popupmenu only active channels will be listed, also the up/down arrow keys (channel +/-) will navigate only through the Active/Favorite Channels ( but this feature can be disabled, if you want, in Program Settings->ChrisTV Settings).
  • The channel switch time has been improved, it's faster than ever :).
  • Some minor fixes and improvements in the recording module.
  • Added the option to sort the scheduled task by Date & Time of occurrence.
  • The position of the TV Window on setups with multimonitor displays will be saved/restored correctly ("Enable Mutimonitor Feature" must be checked).
  • The channel list import/export feature has been fixed, should work without any problems, no matter what GUI language is used.
  • The popup channel list can be customized : you can hide the channel number and set the number of channels per column.
  • Added the feature to Use TV Card Audio Output through the WDM driver (in Program Settings->Driver Settings), available for Pinnacle USB2 TV Cards, TV Cards based on Philips SAA713x chipset ( in this case you won`t need anymore the line in connection) and other USB TV Cards.
  • Added the option to disable the Nero QuickTime Filters while ChrisTV is running, enable this option if you have problems starting ChrisTV after you have upgraded Nero to versions above
  • Added the option to disable the mouse cursor autohide while TV Window is in fullscreen.
  • Other small fixes and improvements.

  • Lizenztyp:
    Das Programm ist Shareware.
    Download: ChrisTV 3.70 Standard

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