Messenger-2 - Multi-Messenger-Tool Freeware

Software Dieses Tool ist ein aufstrebender Freeware Multi-Messenger, der durch seine Skinfähigkeit dem eigenen Geschmack angepasst werden kann! Das Tool unterstützt folgende Protokolle:
AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN und Yahoo Messenger

Durch einen Klick auf den Screenshot wird dieser vergrößert dargestellt!

Das sind die Programm-Features:

Tired of having four or more instant messengers open so you can chat with all your friends? So were we, and that's why we built InterOperability into the Messenger-2. Provided you have an account with any of the messengers listed below, Messenger-2 allows you to access those accounts and talk to all your friends with just one messaging program! We support InterOp with AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN and Yahoo!.

Messenger-2 is fully skinable. Main window, all chat windows and all console windows are skinable. You can download skins from our site here or you can create your own custom skin. For more information about custom skin bulding put your request on our forum and we will give all the necessary instructions.

Messenger-2 multimedia features over native IM protocols
MSN Messenger-2-to-Messenger-2 voice chat - you can invite your fiend that using Messenger-2 to voice chat by clicking only one button at the chat-window. For now available only peer-to-peer voice chat over the native MSN, but we are working on conference mode for our voice features.

Messenger-2 multimedia chat
Got a webcam or mic? Messenger-2 has state-of-the-art audio and video technology. You'll now be able to set up a conference with your friends and see and hear them when you talk! Also this kind of Messenger-2 chat provides ability not only see and hear your friends, and send and receive text messages like in other conference chats. Of course, you can do it if you, and your frinds are using Messenger-2.

Messenger-2 secure messaging
Messenger-2 allows you to messaing with your friends, who using Messenger-2 in secure mode. Secure messaging mode guarantee you and your friends that your messages cant be readed by others. Secure messaging available over all messaging clients available in Messenger-2 - AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN and Yahoo. One important point - secure messaging over the MSN IM available only in one-to-one mode.

Download Messenger-2 lanuage pack contains your language here. Or create your custom Messenger-2 translation. We have worked hard in providing a local language version of Messenger-2 so you're not forced to feel like a foreigner on your own PC. Chat and InterOp Chat With Messenger-2, you can now hold chats with your friends on AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN or Yahoo!, all through one messenger.

File Transfer
Messenger-2 supports native AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN and Yahoo file transfer. You send and receve file from native messenger users, from third-party IM software users and from Messenger-2 users.

Messenger-2 File Sharing
Messenger-2 allows you to share files and folders between you and your friends who use Messenger-2 software. You can share some folders for all buddies in your contact list and set up common security permissions for those folders. Or you can share personalized folders for each buddy in you contact list, and of course, you can set up own security permissions for each buddy in your contact list.

Set Status
Messenger-2 allows users to set their status whether it is "away", "out to lunch" or "brb" for Messenger-2 and all InterOp IMs. You can set each IM's status individually or globally.

Screen Name is typing...
Now you can see when your buddie is typing. This feature works on all InterOp IM's via Messenger-2.

The new Messenger-2 emoticons have a more playful feel to them, and correctly map to other IM programs.

Das ist neu an dieser Beta-Build:
-Add text/backgroud color support for all skins
-Add MSN M2-M2 peer-to-peer Video session
-Add multilingual support (hebrew, arabic ect.)
-Add ICQ outgiong RTF message
-Add MSN offline messanging method. If user offline M2 send e-mail message to user's .NET Passport address
-Add MSN dinamic buddy client checking (version updates when you starting session)
-Add Audio/Video buttons on all M2 Private windows
-Add new buttons: "E-mail friends about M2", "Always on top", "Mute/Unmute sounds" and "Enable/Disable history logging"
-Language editor added (see Settings->Language)
-Add checkbox "Show incoming message windows minimized to taskbar" (Settings->Windows)
-AIM search added
-Add checkbox in Settings->Windows to enable/disable tooltips over contact list items
-AIM privacy options added (see Account Manager->AIM privacy tab)
-Add sound event when account goes online
-Add Hyperlink to download more skins (in Settings->Skins tab)
-Add MS Internet Explorer tool bar button to run Messenger 2 application
-Add MSN M2-M2 messaging. Type "/" and then type your message.
-Default chat style changed to MSN-like (see Settings->Display->Message history format)
-Default colors for chat windows changed to black text on white background
-AIM Chat: fixed minor bug when you can't see all users in current chatroom
-Fixed MSN authorization crash if SOCKET_ERROR available
-Don't show "user joined" and "user out" message in MSN private windows
-Fix MSN disconnect reasons
-Fix MSN disable proxy bug
-Fix AIM chat buddy list bug
-Fix bug with large contact list on Yahoo! module.
-Fix bug with crashing Messenger-2 on receiving message in Yahoo! module.
-Fix message displaying
-Fix ICQ/AIM add/remove procedures
-Fix ICQ store own info method

News-Submiter: Gigamax
Das Programm ist Freeware.
Weitere Infos:
Download: Software-Download

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