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Changes from Nero to

Features Added

  • Added support for new features
  • The default book type for DVD-Video is set to DVD-ROM now to get a higher compatibility with playback devices
  • Added support for Windows XP for AMD64 in 32-bit emulation mode

Nero Express:

  • Usage of the CD database in Nero Express is simplified
  • The "Select files and folder window" will now be placed automatically in a position so that the content of the compilation is more visible
  • Removed the "New project" entry in the "What do you want to do now?" menu after recording if Nero Express was started from Nero StartSmart
  • The back button of the compilation page is now hidden if Nero Express was started from Nero StartSmart

Nero Wave Editor:

  • Added shortcuts and tool tips for all buttons in the toolbar

Nero BackItUp:

  • Added an option to allow rewritable discs to be erased without confirmation
  • Added an option to disable the ejection of the disc after recording

Bug Fixes

Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express:

  • When burning UDF compilation that contain files larger than 2GB, the caching will not fail anymore
  • Fixed MPEG video files decoding problems under Windows 98SE and windows NT
  • Fixed image transfer problems when using NeroNET
  • Fixed crash when Nero Burning ROM or Nero Express is started from Nero StartSmart for erasing a disc and no recorder is installed
  • Improved the error message that appears if an ultra-speed CD-RW is inserted in a recorder which does not support it
  • Only show option for DVD compilation if a DVD recorder is attached or expert settings are enabled
  • Fixed displaying of write speeds if a DVD compilation is selected while a CD recorder is the current recorder
  • Fixed show DVD compilation only if a real DVD recorder is attached
  • MP4-file extension is now recognized for (S) -VCD compilations
  • CD copy options for data CDs have been fixed
  • New GUI for disc label selection for NeroRobo
  • Added possibility to choose language and keyboard layout for boot disc created with integrated boot image
  • Fixed erasing speed problem with certain recorders

Nero Burning ROM:

  • Fixed slightly wrong calculation of size when copying DVDs
  • In the hard drive backup dialog, changing the disc type will no longer unselect the partition
  • The save track dialog will now only save tracks in reverse order for drives that need this behavior
  • Fixed stability problems when loading a VCD compilation containing a "PICTURES" subdirectory
  • Fixed incorrect display of drive speed and available space in the cache preferences

Nero Express:

  • Fixed access to the properties of several selected Video-CD pictures through the context menu
  • Enabled the main window close button in the disc copy page
  • Enabled text in the dialog for selecting the (S) -VCD menu
  • Added possibility to use integrated boot image when creating bootable discs

Nero Wave Editor:

  • Improved the error message that appears in the "Save Tracks as separate files" dialog if the path is not valid
  • When trying to save a MP3 file with a bitrate that is different from the original, the original bitrate was incorrectly kept

Nero BackItUp:

  • Fixed wrong aspect ratio of the background picture when using a Japanese system
  • Since only one session is allowed for DVD-R and DVD+R, display a message if the user tries to write several sessions
  • Fixed starting backup on blank CD-RW disc, the disc get ejected and application ask for new, blank disc
  • Fixed drive locking in case CD-RW disc is inserted and "waiting for disc dialog" appears
  • Fixed creating a backup with InCD formatted discs fail when more than one disc is used for the backup
  • Fixed system reboot when inserting second backup disc
  • Fixed problem with disc not recognized if InCD is installed and disc is an INCD formatted disc
  • Fixed incorrect time stamps of files on the CD
  • The BackItUp system tray icon provided context menu only in English
  • Improved error message that appears when not enough space is available for creating temporary files
  • Improved error message that appears when the burn process fails because of the recorder or the inserted disc
  • Not all temporary files were deleted when cancelling the burn process
  • Improved checking of file presence before the burn process starts
  • Improved detection of locked drive
  • Fixed handling of menu keyboard shortcuts

Nero SoundTrax:

  • Fixed stability problems when using learge audio files
  • Improved error message when opening a npf file which links to some non-existing files
  • User defined presents are now stored in a different directory than pre-defined
  • Logo has been added in the about dialog

Nero StartSmart:

  • Fixed translation in Windows XP auto play prop-up
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