Trillian 2.01 Beta1 - Changelog inside

Software Soeben wurde uns die Changelog für die Beta1 von Trillian 2.01 zugeschickt:

* Feature: Option to remove the 'last message received' * Feature: PNG should stretch with transparency
* Feature: Fade switchers on change
* Feature: Option to auto-size the tooltip icon in list
* Fixed: IRC status windows should save their preferences (such as mute, etc)
* Fixed: Skin change notification is fixed for tsz files that are clicked
* Fixed: PNG in 16-bit mode
* Fixed: Contact wizard not showing correctly in title area
* Fixed: No way to quickly click the font size up button
* Fixed: Sound is now filled with the filename on modify
* Fixed: Edit box - click on it and may lose bold/italics
* Fixed: Remove accept buddy icon dialog from everywhere
* Fixed: Ctrl-c after select kills clipboard
* Fixed: Some PNG pictures not showing correctly
* Fixed: Alt+tab fixed for containers..finally
* Fixed: Issue with language files and multiple integer based variables unicode ...
* Fixed: Copy a link on irc and paste, text afterwards will be blue
* Fixed: Write out xml on right click->remove
* Fixed: Some Animated GIFs don't work
* Change: Links open in new browser is now on by default
* SDK: Connection id is not used when medium == all for contactlistenumerate
* SDK: Messages on IRC are now broadcasted correctly for incoming/outgoing
* SDK: On messageupdate, display name may not update correctly in window
* SDK: events_editActionDestory should be called earlier than just when exiting
* SDK: Two plugins can now register for contact tooltips
* MSN: don't update iconholder with mail icon if mail alerts are off.
* MSN: new file transfer mechanism for sending. should improve reliability of FTs by leaps and bounds.
* MSN: properly parse cancelled incoming FTs from MSN6
* MSN: crash with inbound FTs
* MSN: don't use preconfig for WinInet calls when no proxy selected
* MSN: try feeding WinInet smarter socks configurations.
* AIM: fixed bugs with buddy icons.
* AIM: FT resume
* AIM: sending files to AIM clients was resulting in a file time of something in the 60s/70s.
* AIM: FT proxying
* AIM: fixed echo message for dice rolling
* AIM: alert user when maximum buddy list length reached.
* AIM: wasn't properly resetting mail counter after mail checked.
* AIM: fixed bugs showing mobile icon w/IM forwarding
* YAHOO: double clicking mail account in contact list wasn't following new auto-open prefs
* YAHOO: support viewing and setting of idle times.
* YAHOO: fixed a potential FT bug/crash.
* YAHOO: FT icon wasn't showing up in whistler skin on right click menu.
* YAHOO: fixed character set issues.
* YAHOO: new authentication schemes
* YAHOO: fixed auto-reconnect not working when inet is dropped
* YAHOO: use
* YAHOO: bugs with conferences fixed (invites not going out right, joins not going out right)
* ICQ: invisibility per user was incorrectly setting block icons and ignoring status events.
* ICQ: fixed invisible to user/visible to user dialog with sections
* MSN/YHOO: create .html files instead of .htm files for mail checking
* AIM/ICQ: show away messages in tooltip

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