Kudaz - Freeware Editor für Programmierer

Software Kudaz ist ein Editor für Programmierer, der über Syntax-Highlighting verfügt und mittlerweile über 50 Programmiersprachen unterstützt. Die Software steht unter einer Freeware-Lizenz und darf von Privatpersonen und Non-Profit-Organisationen oder zu Schulungszwecken, kostenlos verwendet werden. Zu den wichtigsten Eigenschaften des Programms gehört, dass es dem Anwender eine voll konfigurierbare automatische Code-Vervollständigung bietet und zusätzlich einige interessante kleine Helfer mitbringt. So kann der Benutzer zum Beispiel auf einen Tabellen-Wizard und eine HTML-Farbpalette zurückgreifen.

Änderungen in dieser Version:
  • improved Increased stability and reliability.
  • new Find In Project Files
  • new Save Here Direct
  • new Cyclic Search - 'Continue at end' option on search, replace dialog box for contiguous search/replace beyond the beginning(if backward) or end(if forward) of a document. Even if the search was started from the caret location the whole document is covered without halt. (handy)
  • new Explore This Path in Project Panel context menu.
  • new Saving / loading output results to / from a file in Output Box context menu.
  • fixed (critical): Kudaz crashed on a 'More...' button click of HTML color palette when invoked with selected text that was longer than 8 characters in length.
  • fixed Tool bar controls and menu items were not reflecting changes in a document after Replace All operation.
  • fixed Occasional caret-miss-positioning on snip text insertion.
  • fixed Occasionally falling into dead-lock while browsing folders in Folders panel.
  • fixed Producing error from mistaking it for a non-existent one when the length of a target file's extension is longer than three characters in length:(eg: a.java)
  • fixed improved Header area arrangement bugs in print preview and added three more options for that in print settings. The preview window has become sizable now.
  • fixed Tiny bugs in selection modes updates. (available on tool bar now)
  • fixed Access Violation on project removal: the target project class object was referred to after its deletion.
  • Changed: Deleted document is not automatically rendered as modified any more.
  • Changed: Does not display a message box when an MRU file was not found on start-up when the application was closed without an existing file previously (when Start With MRU file is enabled).
  • Changed: Project::Remove non-existent: removes not only ones in the currently listed(filtered) items but also those in all items of the current project, now.
  • And other tiny fixes, changes and betterment here and there.

Homepage: www.geocities.jp

Lizenztyp: Freeware/Kostenlos
Download: kdz2101.zip (1,52 Mb)
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