TrueDownloader 0.8 - schlanker Downloadmanager


TrueDownloader, der in Version 0.75 noch unter den Namen DownloadPlus geführt wurde ist seit kurzem in der Version 0.8 verfügbar. Neben den für Download-Manager typischen Features wie FTP/HTTP, Resuming und Segmented Downloading ermöglicht das Programm auch die Nutzung von Proxys und Vorschau von .ZIP Archiven.


TrueDownloader v0.8 2nd release

  • Firefox and Mozilla extension fixed (no more annoying message box with your profile path)
  • Fixed HTTP & FTP proxies. Now they work without any problem. Socks 4 & 5 support is under development
  • Removed "DP" in some icons.
  • Better resume detection. No more corrupted files because of some http server not supporting resuming
  • Better handling of existing files and weird URL format.
  • Added "Shut Down computer when done" and "Close connection when done" and tested them
  • Minor interface improvements.
  • Added support for text drag&drop on the basket, it will analyse the text and download all the urls that are in the text.
  • This allows to download simply a big list of URL at the same time without adding them one per one.
  • Other various bugs fixed.
TrueDownloader v0.8 1st release
  • Introducing new download system using Winsock API instead of the Winsock Control allowing better control on speed and data.
  • New Mozilla and Firefox extension ! Autoinstaller from the program. Right-click catcher and Open with TrueDownloader in the Open/SaveAs window.
  • New Speed limiter available for non-segmented downloading (no point to use a segment downloading for speed when you want to limit the speed)
  • Better command line functionnality. You can launch a download from the command line even if an instance of DownloadPlus! is already running. Allows the use of TrueDownloader with DownloadWith program for Mozilla.
  • Fixed problem with program settings that would disappear.
  • Adding a "Download Recovery" system. If the download couldn't be finished for some reason ( webserver is down or TrueDownloader! can't finish the FTP download for some reason ), the program can try to build the file.
  • Now the program retries 3 times to download before it pauses (when the server is down)
  • Now the program resumes alone (normally :)
  • Added Resume Download (not Resume All only)
  • Fixed one problem with weird URL with "?*/+" that would crash the program.
  • Low/Middle/High priority for each download.
  • Better TimeOut detection.
  • Detection of %[Code] in URL.
  • Some minor things and bug fixes

Lizenz: GNU General Public Licence (Open-Source)
Informationen: Entwickler-Website
Download: SetupTrueDownloader08.exe (2,6 MByte)

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