WikMail V5.4 - Neuer Email-Client


Dieses Shareware-Tool ist ein neues, starkes EMail-Programm, dass in Konkurrenz zu Incredimail gehen dürfte.

Für die "Hardcore-Fraktion" sicherlich viel zu bunt, bin ich mir aber trotzden sicher, dass das Tool sicher eine Menge Freunde finden wird.

Durch einen Klick werden die Bilder in Originalgröße dargestellt!

Das sind die Features:
Mail Checker Mode:
WikMail front application is a Mail Checker from which you can access every features included in the program. Your mail accounts are checked in the background and you get notified when you receive new emails. In Mail Checker mode, the emails are not downloaded automatically to your mailboxes.
Mail client mode:
WikMail front application is the Mail client. You can access every feature from the main menu. Like the Mail Checker mode, your mail accounts are checked in the background and you get notified. But, when mail accounts are checked, new emails are automatically downloaded to your mailboxes.

The Bayesian Filter:
By using the statistical approach of the Bayesian method, WikMail learn by itself what is Spam or Junk mails. Unwanted emails are saved in the dedicated spam mailbox and deleted from the the server.
Regular Expressions Filters:
Regular expressions filters are based on name and email addresses of senders, included words or phrases in subject and body, web links, etc... These filters are easy to set through a very simple visual interface.
Stationeries, Greeting cards, Emoticons, Voice message:
• You can send great looking email by using Stationeries. It's simple as choosing one available in the list. All graphics add-ons are available at WikGraph.com
• More than 200 smilies and emoticons are embedded in the email editor. You can add more images by using selections from the Images Library.
• Add Greetings Cards with your own text and photos embedded. Greeting's Cards can be converted into Calendar with your own settings.
True images browser with thumbnails help to choose images from your disks.
• Voice message recorder and player is included. The recorder produce very small standard .wav file that is automatically attached to your message.
Get notified the way you want:
• In either modes, WikMail mails checker run in the background and check all or any of your email accounts. WikMail can use a single delay to check all accounts or use a specific delay to each selected accounts.
• A sliding popup window with accounts results can be displayed.
• Sample sounds and music can be played.
Microsoft Agent Characters™ can be used to announce new incoming messages. These characters can also be used to announce details of each incoming messages with date and subject. You can define up to 3 gestures which are used during announcements. Yes! Wikmail can be a talking email program.
• In either cases, a resume window is available for a rapid lookup at all incoming messages without having to open the program.
Use custom colors in messages grid:
• WikMail allow the use of custom colors, fonts or style within the messages grid.
• Custom colors according to messages dates are available for the previous day, 2 days before, last week, last month and date past over a month. Colors can be choose with the help of a dialog which display many color palettes as well as a pastel colors spectrum.
• You can define font, size, font and background color for specific email addresses and/or all email addresses coming from a domain name.
• Unread messages can be displayed in bold or not.
Skinned Application :
• WikMail is a skinned application. This mean, by applying "skins" to the program, you can change the way the program look. Each skins have their own color scheme, so, you can choose a skin that match perfectly with your desktop colors.
• For those you prefer to keep standard Windows™ display, the use of skins can be disabled. WikMail is compatible with WinXP themes.
• To add fun to pleasure, Screen effects (like roll 3D, interlace, circle, diagonal, radial, etc..) are also available while windows is displayed.
• Alpha-blended semi-transparency is available for the mail checker and the mail client.

Lizenztyp: Das Programm ist Shareware.
Weitere Infos: www.wikmail.com
Download: Software-Download
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