Windows Installer v3.0 Beta 2 verfügbar

Software Der Teilnehmer der Windows Installer v3 Beta haben Heute eine E-Mail erhalten in der steht das eine neue Version des Installers verfügbar sei. Es handelt sich um die Beta 2.

**DO NOT REPLY - THIS E-MAIL IS BEING SENT TO YOU FROM AN UNMONITORED ACCOUNT. Due to Microsoft's security requirements, the hyperlink(s) contained in this e-mail may not automatically open your browser. If you experience any difficulty, please copy the link and paste into your browser. **

xxxxx xxxxx
Beta ID: xxxxxx

Dear Microsoft Beta Tester,

Welcome to the Beta2 release of Windows Installer v3.0 (MSI 3.0). Please be sure that your contact information is up to date by visiting <> and selecting "Modify Contact Information".  

**NOTE: Please wait 24 hours from the time you receive this e-mail before trying to access the newsgroups and Microsoft Beta.**

We will be providing support for the beta program through newsgroups and Microsoft Beta. Microsoft Beta is Microsoft's technical beta web community where you can:
· Download the beta release
· Report bugs online
· View status of your bugs
· Receive up to date program information and downloads
· Update your contact information
· Obtain general beta testing guidelines and information

To access Microsoft Beta, go to <>. Sign in using your Passport account.  Beta participation is a personal invitation for you only.  Please do not share your passport or your access to Microsoft Beta with others.

Microsoft private newsgroups will be available for technical support. Private newsgroups are accessed from a dedicated news server using your Beta ID and a Password. If you do not already have a password, you can create a newsgroup password on <> , under the "Modify Your Info/Modify Newsgroup Login Info".  More detailed information about accessing the newsgroups is available on <>.

To access the NNTP private newsgroups you will need a newsreader program.  The newsgroups can also be accessed via your Internet browser by connecting to <>.  You will need to use the account information listed below to configure either newsgroup viewing option.  More detailed information about accessing the newsgroups is available on Microsoft Beta.

All newsgroups for this beta program begin with:  microsoft.beta.WindowsInstaller
Newsgroup Account Name: xxxxxx
Newsgroup Password: <Enter the password you created on Microsoft Beta>
News Server:
*Note: If you forget the newsgroup password you create on Microsoft Beta, you will need to go to Microsoft Beta to create a new one.

Access to this specific program page on Microsoft Beta and its private newsgroups is limited to participants of this beta release. Microsoft will never request that you send your password information to us via email or any other method. Any attempt to obtain your password could indicate fraudulent activity and should be reported to us immediately via the email address below. Please do not share this account information beyond the scope of what is allowed under the License Agreement for this beta.  In addition, please do not discuss this beta in newsgroups outside of this program, including other Microsoft newsgroups.

Before you continue, it is important to understand that the beta release of any product will not display the stability of a shipped Microsoft product. You may encounter problems with Microsoft Windows Installer that could possibly result in a loss or destruction of data.  This release is not appropriate for production use, and we suggest that you back up your existing data before you install and run this software.

If you need assistance, please send e-mail to

Thank you for participating in this beta program.  We look forward to your valuable feedback.

Windows Installer Group
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