Security Rollup Package für Windows XP *update*


Die Teilnehmer der Windows Update v4.0 Beta Site haben Heute eine E-Mail mit dem unten aufgeführten Inhalt erhalten. Kontakte bei Microsoft teilten uns mit, dass noch nicht alle Teilnehmer die neue Build herunterladen können da es noch nicht auf allen WU-Clustern vorhanden sei (Stand: 25/09/2003 - 22:38Uhr).

Dear Beta Tester xxxxx:

We have released an updated build of the Update Rollup 1 for the Windows Update V4. You must use Windows XP RTM and Windows XP SP1 to participate.  Please un  If your computer is not running either operating system, please disregard this mail.

The Windows Update Site customer experience is very important to Microsoft; we believe the input you give us from your beta testing has helped and will continue to help us release an update package that represents the best of what Microsoft offers.

This package, Update Rollup 1 for Microsoft Windows XP (KB826939) is being released to the Windows Update beta site in two versions: Full (AFPBeta) and Express (AEPBeta).  Uninstall the previous version from Add/Remove Program and then install this updated version is required.

The Full version will be offered through Windows Update Catalog site, Windows Update Consumer site, and through SUS for both Windows XP RTM and SP1. The Full version will be listed on the Consumer site for detection test for beta testing only.  As a result, you will see two similar items with the same title but a different download size - the full and the express version.

The Express version is offered only through Windows Update Consumer site (scan for updates) and only for Windows XP SP1 only. The purpose of the Express update is to provide a small and efficient download for Windows XP SP1 users who want to get fully up to date with critical updates.

This update consists of 22 critical and security updates for Windows XP released since Windows XP SP1 originally shipped, rolled into one convenient package. Installing this item provides you the same benefits as installing the individual updates.

Our goal is to evaluate the performance of detection and installation segments of Update Rollup. We will focus on verification before and verification after the installation of Update Rollup package.

The project will continue to run for two weeks. Within the next week, we need to gather the majority of data. Please help us by initiating beta testing as soon as you can. Of course, your continuous testing during the second week will be greatly appreciated. We need to catch as many problems as we can before this package releases to the live site.

Please remember - uninstall of the previous package is required prior to reinstall of the new Update Rollup package.

If you encounter any trouble or questions while installing the packages, quickly send us feedback via a bug report or the Newsgroup.

The updated testing instructions have been posted at <> under Testing Information page - (log in with your .Net passport) and at <> under Testing Information page (log in with your beta ID and WU password).

Bug Reports

Please remember to include the following information when you submit a bug report:
-  For our tracking purposes, please include:
~ AEPBeta in the bug report title on bugs related to the Express install version
~ AFPBeta in the bug report title on bugs related to the Full install version
-  [DownloadClientId] value (e.g. 69364910)
-  Detailed information and repro steps - Required
-  The Windows Update.log file - Required (C:Windows)
-  The Iuhist.xml file - Required (C:Program FilesWindowsUpdateV4)
-  The KB number.log file - Required (e.g. C:WindowsKB826939.log)

Thank you very much!

Windows Update Beta Program

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