Nvidia NVDVD 2.55 - Download Inside

Nvidia hat eine neue Version des DVD-Players NVDVD veröffentlicht. Damit ist es möglich, DVDs nd andere Multimediadateien abzuspielen. Hier die Release Notes zu Version 2.55: Digital Theater Pro:

  • Full interactive plug-in support
DVD Player:

  • VMR9 support
  • Support for 32KHz audio and mono MPEG audio
  • Added decode support for 1080p 24fps digital cinema content
  • Added support for Matrox Parhelia graphics cards
  • Added scripting support to control NVDVD from web pages
  • Added support for Title menus from DVD menu button when no root menu exists
  • Added reset of timescale to 1X on Stop or Quit
  • Added support to fallback to default mode if user selected VMR deinterlace mode not available
  • Performance improvements for video, audio and skins
  • More robust FF/RW support
  • More robust time scaling support
  • Improved default saturation and contrast values
  • Improved S/PDIF support
  • Improved Dolby Headphone performance
  • Improved Dolby Pro Logic II features
  • Improved MP3 ID3V2 tag support
  • Fixed subpicture wrong color after navigating between menus and movie using DXVA
  • Fixed crash when frame/audio capture to invalid directory
  • Fixed NVIDIA audio/video decoders not found issue
  • Fixed disc still appears as inserted after ejecting it while in file player mode
  • Fixed 24bit/48KHz audio support
Media Center:

  • Added support for 32KHz audio and mono MPEG audio
  • Added compliant capability bits
  • Added support for Microsoft Media Center File Converter
  • Improved FF/RW support
  • Fixed suspend/resume problem
  • Fixed misaligned subpicture during resume to DVD menu
File Player:

  • Added save/restore of CD audio volume
  • Added support for Elecard MPEG2 demux
  • Added hot keys for volume, quit and full screen
  • Added display of correct number of audio channels
  • Fixed wave out getting muted during file playback with EWS88MT audio
  • Fixed crash when Alt-Enter with no video playing
  • Fixed hang after suspend with shuffle enabled

Download: NVDVD 2.55
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