VirtualDub 1.7.1 Experimental - Videobearbeitung

Software VirtualDub ist ein kostenloses Videobearbeitungs- und Videoschnitt-Programm mit einer simplen Oberfläche, aber einem großen Funktionsumfang. Anders als für viele Konkurrenzprodukte, stellt die 2 Gigabyte Datei-Hürde unter Windows für dieses Tool kein Problem dar. Weiterhin unterstützt VirtualDub auch Linear Editing, Motion-JPEG, MPEG-1 Video, Layer 3 Audio, Echtzeit-Aufzeichnung und vieles mehr.

  • AVI file info now shows the FOURCC of the video stream.
  • The "display decompressed output" option can now be enabled and disabled in the middle of encoding.
  • Improved playback timing.
  • Added /hexview command-line flag to open a file in read-only mode.
  • Added /noStupidAntiDebugChecks for development purposes.
  • Added "warp resize" video filter.
  • The "resize" video filter now allows editing the frame height with an aspect ratio constraint active.
  • Ctrl+Drag in the audio display modifies the audio displacement.
  • Added an option to create several types of diagnostic test videos.
  • Added Y800 as a synonym for Y8.
  • Added support for the 4:4:4 planar YCbCr "YV24" format.
  • Added animated GIF import.
  • D3D: UYVY, YUY2, YV24, YV16, YV12, I420, and YVU9 video display is now accelerated in Direct3D mode.
  • D3DFX: Added additional support for field-based display shaders.
  • Capture: Added a new screen capture driver.
  • Capture: Added configurable hotkeys for stopping and starting capture.
  • Capture: DirectShow filter graph build errors are now noted in the log window.
  • Capture: Full-screen mode now auto-hides mouse cursor.
  • Capture: Added UI for modifying DirectShow brightness, contrast, gamma, sharpness, and hue settings.
  • Capture: Audio playback setting is now auto-saved.
  • "Export as filmstrip" command failed if no audio stream was available.
  • Filmstrips didn't resave properly as AVI (video stream type set incorrectly).
  • Modified the SSE check to ignore the flush-to-zero (FTZ) bit, which unfortunately some compiler DLL runtimes twiddle.
  • "Preserve empty frames" was writing out the empty frames as key frames. VirtualDub corrects this on load, but it was still incorrect on disk.
  • "Preserve empty frames" caused the video codec key frame interval to work incorrectly -- it counted compressed frames rather than total frames.
  • "Display decompressed output" was broken.
  • Added workaround for silent crash when using the audio display with older versions of Avisynth.
  • Added workaround for digital cameras that leave the last byte off of JPEG images.
  • Added workaround for some naughty DLLs that prevented VirtualDub's crash logging mechanisms from working properly.
  • Added more workarounds for overlay surface goofiness on Windows Vista.
  • Audio display now reflects timeline edits and the audio displacement setting.
  • Made it more difficult to accidentally select frames in the audio display.
  • Fixed divide by zero crash when D3DFX display is enabled and a video pane is shrunken to zero width.
  • Fixed case where tiny audio chunks were emitted periodically when using some MP3 codecs at a 44KHz sampling rate (audio interleaving issue, not sync issue).
  • Fixed goofed file filters in source dialog of "create paletted AVI" option.
  • Inverse telecine could be enabled with smart rendering (which doesn't work).
  • Fixed "preserve empty frames" and "smart rendering" options to work better in the presence of a B-frame encoding delay.
  • Capture: Alt+Enter full-screen toggle left window in topmost placement.
  • Capture: Fixed sporadic crash when capturing with resync disabled.
  • Capture: Fixed tabbing in "set custom format" dialog.
  • Capture: /capfileinc and the startup code didn't increment the filename properly past existing files when multisegment capture was enabled.
  • Capture: Hide on Capture now works for DirectShow-based devices.
  • Capture: Added workaround for driver bug in Adaptec AVC-1400 GameBridge drivers that causes a crash when displaying video capture pin properties.
  • Capture: Fixed filter leak in DirectShow driver in some cases when the filter graph failed to build properly.
  • Capture: When the "transform filter" registry option was used, the transform filter popped off the capture filter after a video format change.
  • Fixed crash when opening AVI file with truncated MP3 audio format.
  • Fixed some audio sync errors when cutting.
  • Fixed the resize filter's settings not saving properly. This was actually caused by a long standing overload resolution bug in filter script with multiple glue functions on the same overload.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to preview with an audio stream for which no decompressor is available.
  • Fixed crash when using quick preview beyond end of selection.
  • Fixed a couple of cases of bogus total audio sample counts being reported in the dub status window.
  • Audio sync sometimes wasn't correct when cutting files with VBR audio.
  • Audio stream estimate on status window was sometimes negative.
  • Fixed crash at end of operation with IVTC enabled.

Eine optimierte Version für 64-Bit-AMD64-Systeme kann hier heruntergeladen werden.


Lizenztyp: Freeware/Kostenlos
Download: (1,24 Mb; Englisch;
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