Winamp 5.22 Final - Beliebter Multimedia-Player

Software Vor einigen Stunden haben die Entwickler des beliebten Multimedia-Players Winamp die Version 5.22 ihrer Software zum Download bereitgestellt. Winamp bietet neben der Wiedergabe von Audio- und Video-Dateien verschiedenster Art auch die Option, Internet-Radio und -TV zu empfangen. Die kostenpflichtige Pro-Version enthält zusätzlich einen aacPlus Hight Bitrate Encoder.

  • New: loading of additional playlist formats: ASX/WAX/WMX/WVX, WPL, B4S
  • New: [gen_ff] modern skin unicode support
  • New: [in_wm] burning of DRM protected files (if allowed by content provider)
  • New: [ml_pmp] transfer of playlists to portable devices
  • Improved: More informative CD burning status window
  • Improved: [gen_ff] modern skinning engine speed optimizations
  • Improved: [in_wm] seeking improvements
  • Improved: [in_wm] gapless WMA support
  • Improved: [ml_nowplaying] Redesigned 'Now Playing' media library view (it actually works now)
  • Improved: [pmp_ipod] Loading times for iPods reduced
  • Fixed: Winamp won't restore after being minimized with a dialog box open
  • Fixed: $abbr() title formatting lockup
  • Fixed: Add Folder adds tracks BEFORE the last track
  • Fixed: Clicking 'Next' in Fullscreen video OSD acts like clicking it twice
  • Fixed: Rating in pledit right-click context menu always shows "No Rating"
  • Fixed: CD burning bugs and crashes
  • Fixed: Delete key not working in Online Services or SC Wire search
  • Fixed: [out_wave] Stop with fadeout (Shift+V) just stops playback, no fadeout
  • Fixed: [gen_jumpex] modern skin pledit docked toolbar mode not remembered
  • Fixed: [gen_jumpex] ML size/position not remembered when switching from Classic to Modern and back to Classic skin
  • Fixed: [gen_ml] playlists root view slowness bug
  • Fixed: [gen_ml] Modern skin: Media Library > View (menu) > Devices
  • Fixed: [in_midi] corrupt header crash
  • Fixed: [in_mp4] metadata writing crash
  • Fixed: [in_mp4] seek bug when using right arrow key
  • Fixed: [in_mp3] MPEG-2 and MPEG-2.5 Layer 3 playback crash
  • Fixed: [in_mp3] Winamp crashes when trying to play any wrongly named .aac file
  • Fixed: [in_wave] WAV burning fix
  • Fixed: [in_wave] Locking files (wav's can't be renamed/deleted)
  • Fixed: [in_wm] lockup on wma with expired/unrenewable drm license
  • Fixed: [in_wm] out of sync audio/video on some WMV streams
  • Fixed: [in_vorbis] fullpath shown in playlist for tagless files with atf disabled
  • Fixed: [ml_pmp] Duplicates being synchronized
  • Fixed: [ml_pmp] Several crashes during transfers
  • Fixed: [out_ds] Can't select different Output Device with two active instances of out_ds
  • Fixed: [out_ds] incorrect enumeration of stereo outputs for two of same pro soundcard
  • Updated: [gen_jumpex] JTFE v0.97.1 [build 17] (Thanks DrO)
  • Updated: [gen_tray] Tray Control 2.0: Enhanced icon pack support (Thanks DrO)
Lizenztyp: Freeware/Shareware

Download: Winamp 5.22 Full (6,0 Mb, englisch)
Download: Winamp 5.22 Standard (4,1 Mb, englisch)
Download: Winamp 5.22 Lite (1,0 Mb, englisch)

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