BSPlayer 1.00 RC1 Build 809 - MediaPlayer

Dieses Tool ist ein MediaPlayer für Windows, mit vielen Funktionen und der Möglichkeit der Verwendung von eigenen Skins!

Durch einen Klick auf den Screenshot wird dieser vergrößert dargestellt!

Das sind die Features:
  • Display subtitles - Support custom subtitles position, color, font, transparency,... Supported formats: MicroDVD, Subviewer, SubRip
  • Fully skinnable - Any shape, transparent skins...
  • Resizable movie window
  • Multilingual
  • Drag & drop support
  • Command line support
  • Pan-scan and custom pan-scan option
  • Custom aspect ratios
  • Playlist support
  • Resolution changing
  • Frame capture
  • AVI files with more than 2 audio streams supported (multilanguage)
  • Support for OGM files, including more then 2 audio/video tracks, supports embeded subtitles/chapters
  • External audio file supported
  • S/PDIF output supported for AC3 files (with Intervideo audio decoder)
  • INI files
  • Remote control support - WinLIRC
  • Bookmarks
  • Simple equalizer (DirectX 8 required)
  • Playback rate (1/2x, 1x, 2x) and custom
  • and lots of other features not listed here, try it out.

    Das sind die Veränderungen in der aktuellen Build:
    - Fixed problem with Matroska files with only audio streams
    - Sometimes audio stream names with Ogg files was corrupted, fixed
    - Selected audio output device will now be remembered when switching audio streams
    - Sometimes skin would revert back to base skin, should be fixed now
    - Fixed problem with freezing when seeking
    - Movie length was displayed as 0 after stop, fixed
    - Last subtitle line was still displayed after switching subtitles off, fixed
    - AC3 filter will be visible now in filter list
    - If video window was left on secondary monitor and in full screen mode, position wasn't remembered, fixed
    - chapters from ini files should now be read like in 0.8xx versions
    - ini shutdown option wasn't working, fixed
    - fixed bug with resolution switching in full screen mode
    - fixed freezing problem with some skins under Windows 98
    * filters defined in bspfilters.dat will now be loaded even if other libraries are required (for ex. require xvidcore.dll), just put them all in .filters directory
    + added option to open locked (in use) files
    + subtitle position will now also work when 'Draw subtitles to overlay surface option is checked'
    + Subtitle language for subtitles in Matroska files is now properly displayed

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    Weitere Infos:
    Download: Download-Seite
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