Windows Update V5: Betatest

Der Betatest der neuen Windows Update Version 5 steht offenbar kurz bevor. Betatester der aktuellen V4 erhielten heute folgende Mail von Microsoft:

We are currently planning for the Windows Update V5 Preview Program. As a current Windows Update V4 beta user, we hope you will consider participating in this new program.

The vision for Windows Update V5 is to provide an efficient and effective means to keep all Microsoft products secure and up to date with the latest patches, starting with Windows, Office, SQL, and Exchange.

The key to an effective pre-release program is having customers participate who are willing and able to install, exercise, and provide feedback on the product in a timely manner. Please carefully consider your willingness and ability to follow through on these commitments.

If you are selected as a Windows Update V5 beta user, you will be required to:
· Use releases through BetaPlace, an authenticated Web site
· Submit bug reports online
· Participate in private beta newsgroups
· Complete periodic surveys hosted on BetaPlace to obtain your input on various issues

Your eligibility for the program is based on the information we obtain from your nomination survey and space availability in the program.

If you are interested in participating, please use your .NET Passport account and the special Guest Account below to access a nomination survey on . Please respond by Friday, September 12, 2003.

Guest Account ID: WUV5Prev


The following requires a .NET Passport account. If you don't have one, you can obtain one at .
    1. Go to .
    2. Click the "Sign In" button in the middle of the page.
    3. Sign in with your passport account.
    4. Chose the Guest ID option near the top of the page, the "clicking here" link.
    5. In the Guest ID field enter: WUV5Prev, it's case sensitive, and click "OK".
    6. Click the "Windows Update V5 Preview" link at the bottom of the page.
    7. This will take you to the home page for the Windows Update V5 Preview Program. You'll be provided with more detailed information on Windows Update and its preview program.
    8. Click the "Survey" link in the left frame
    9. Click the "Windows Update V5 Preview Program Nomination" link just below "Survey".
    **Important** · For all currently enrolled in Windows Update V4 Beta testers, please use/click the "WU V5 Preview Program Participation for currently in WU V4" link below the "Windows Update V5 Preview Program Nomination" survey link.
    10. Complete the survey and then click "Submit", at the bottom of the page.

For questions or comments on the Windows Update V5 Preview Program not answered here please e-mail .
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