cFos V5.10 - schnellster DSL-Treiber mit vielen Features

cFos NT/2000/XP ist ein DSL & ISDN Treiber für Internetzugang und Modem-Software, mit

- Traffic Shaping
- Firewall
- 0190er Nummern Blocker
- Anrufmonitor mit Protokollierung und Soundwiedergabe
- Zeit-Synchronisation
- Online Budgetmanagement
- Datenkompression und Kanalbündelung (CCB)
- bis zu 32 COM ports, umfangreicher AT Kommandosatz
- X.75, V.110, V.120, X.31, analoges Modem, FAX
- AOL, CompuServe, T-Online, CTI, Mailbox
- ab Windows NT 4.0

Technologie: ISDN, DSL / PPPoE and ATM

Die Shareware enthält die cFos/ATM Erweiterungen zum Testen. Jetzt mit coolem Skin Support!

Das Programm ist Shareware und kostet als Vollversion 45 Euro.

cFos/NT 5.10, 24-Jun-2003
cFos/Win 5.10, 24-Jun-2003

* cFos Traffic Shaping
Calibration has been improved further.It should be fasterand more stable now.

* Added new nice UI to configure the cFos Online Budgets.

* The connection report is now displayed if a call failed. It contains detailed hint on how to fix the most common problems.

* Added support for Message Waiting Indications (MWI). If your CAPI and ISDN switch can signal MWIs, cFos indicates (and logs) them like normal calls, however with service 31. For example, if someone leaves a message to your T-Net Box, you get an MWI with caller ID of 08003002424.

* Plaintext passwords in CTRACE.TXT are now dumped as ??? to be a little more sensitive to this data. Specify -da to switch back on dumping of passwords.

* Improved SYN-flood protection. Handling of TCP RST segments improved.

* Setup will now allow you to enter the COM-ports in the `additional parameters` box instead of the COM1-COM9 check boxes. This may be useful if COM1-COM9 are already in use by other software.

* Setup will now warn if it find RASPPPoE installed with the "Log Warning" setting on, since this fills up the Event Log pretty fast.

* Added "Window Autoarrage" option in context menu, which is now default.

* You can now specify a list of IP protocol numbers the firewall should not check and just pass through. This might include both protocols handeled and unhandeled by cFos. To do this, just add a key named "PassIpProt" to the section [firewall] in CFOS.INI and specify all the protocol numbers that should be passed through.

Ex: [firewall]
PassIpProt=47 1 2

This will pass all packets of protocol 47 (GRE), 1 (ICMP) and 2 (IGMP).

This setting may be useful if you want to use VPN with cFos, but don`t want to disable the firewall completely. In this case, just set "PassIpProt=47" to allow GRE (Generic Routing Encapsulation) to be passed through.

x Fixed some strange window behaviour, where the window would not open when opened while fading out. Thanks to Ralf Biedermann for his report.

x Fixed a problem with incoming ISDN calls when S92 was != 0.

x Fixed a potential problem in RX CTS.

x Fixed a problem with SiS onboard LAN adapters.

x Fixed overflow of txbytes / rxbytes values, in case of transfer of more than 2 GB per session.

x Fixed a freeze on malformed TCP segments.

x Fixed more crashes, big thanks to Toni Zeitler for memory dumps.

x Fixed a bug that prevented skins to be loaded after several installs in different directories.

x Fixed a rare crash when quitting the usermode part of cFos (CFOSDW.EXE resp. CFOSDNT.EXE).
- The name of the sections in CFOS.INI that hold the calibration data has changed. Thus, you will be asked to calibrate again. You can mangle the section in CFOS.INI by yourself afterwards, but be sure to be offline when you do.
- Reduced memory consumption.

x Fixed a deadlock (freeze).
- The demon`s logfile (CDTRACE.TXT of old) is now integrated into the regular CTRACE.TXT logfile to avoid confusion. You can distinguish between actions logged by the driver and the demon by looking at the timestamp: the driver loggs with timestamps like hhmmss.mmm and the demon hhmmss`mmm.

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