Messenger Plus! Live 4.20.262 - Messenger-AddOn

Software Der Entwickler von Messenger Plus!, hat eine neue Ausgabe seiner Erweiterung für den neuen Windows Live Messenger veröffentlicht. Mit diesem Add-On können Nutzer des Windows Live Messenger viele neue Funktionen hinzufügen, darunter auch die Möglichkeit, mehrere Konten zu verwenden. Mit dieser Version wurden zahlreiche Anpassungen an das neue Betriebssystem Windows Vista vorgenommen. Diese sind vor allem optischer Natur und sorgen dafür, dass die Darstellung von Messenger Plus! nun weniger Fehler aufweist. Auch sonst handelt es sich hierbei eher um eine Version zur Fehlerbereinigung.

Messenger Plus! Live 4.0Messenger Plus! Live 4.0Messenger Plus! Live 4.0Messenger Plus! Live 4.0

  • Various visual adjustments for Windows Vista. Some of them are dependant of your system's configuration and theme settings. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Animation effects when most Messenger Plus! windows open and close.
    • Fixed "black box" display glitch when resizing Messenger Plus! windows.
    • Drop-down lists (combo boxes) in Messenger Plus! windows look better.
    • Most "open file" and "save file" windows use the new Vista template.
    • No more sluggish transition effects on some of the controls when the mouse pointer passes over them.
    • Some windows do not display properly with right-to-left languages.
    • Tabbed chats don't create an empty area in Flip3D. The chat window is not part of the flip sequence but is displayed in the background. This may be improved in future releases but it all depends on the (rather limited or undocumented) new DWM API of Windows.
  • This version of Messenger Plus! is distributed with some additional scripts. Scripts add various new improvements to Messenger and are all developed by third parties, people like you and me, who give some of their time to help the Messenger community. The installation of scripts can be disabled in the setup and future versions of Messenger Plus! won't necessarily be distributed with the same scripts (or any at all for that matter). These scripts have been bundled mainly so that a larger portion of the Messenger Plus! userbase discovers the benefits of installing scripts. The scripts distributed with this version are all available in the script database at, along with 250 more :). I hope you'll all enjoy these fine creations!
  • Administrator privileges are not required in Windows Vista anymore when importing sound packs and scripts from the Windows shell.
  • Messenger is not launched automatically at the end of the setup of Messenger Plus! if the setup is not running in the context of the currently logged on user (happens in Vista if the setup is launched from a non-administrator user account).
  • Importing sound packs and scripts from the shell in accounts with no administrator privileges now works properly in Windows Vista.
  • No more use of virtualized directories in Windows Vista. The necessary security rights are set to some of the directories created and accessed by Messenger Plus!.
  • Added new feature: text copied in chat windows (in both the received messages and typing areas) now includes emoticons codes instead of white spaces.
  • Preferences pack files now have an associated icon and can be imported from the shell.
  • Added Hebrew language to the main distribution package.
  • The (!VER) tag now reports the edition of Windows Vista.
  • The Control key needs to be pressed when deleting a contact in the Contact List Clean-up window to block it as well.
  • No more "Error 8005" when the setup of Messenger Plus! is launched on a system with some font problems.
  • Chat logging is disabled by default in guest accounts.
  • The Contact Information window now displays the personal message as well. Also, the display picture has been fixed when using a right-to-left language in Messenger Plus!.
  • A new icon has been added in the contact list and the chat windows to access the scripts' menus.
  • The way the task bar flashes when a new message is received in a tabbed chat has been improved to avoid missing unseen messages. This feature has also been fixed for Windows Vista.
  • Added a diagnostic message in the setup to download and repair the MSXML 3 library from This helps fix "Error 8008".
  • The setup has better chances to succeed if Messenger is running in different user sessions when installation occurs.
  • Fixed: the tabbed chats bar may display no name or status for newly created chat windows.
  • Fixed: using the /psm command with IRC format codes can corrupt Messenger's Contact cache and prevent users to sign back-in.
  • Fixed: encrypted log files located in a read-only folder cannot be decrypted by the Log Viewer (known limitation: pictures aren't displayed in html log files when that's the case).
  • Fixed: some Messenger Plus! menus have a bad internal looking extra contour.
  • Fixed: (!M) tag doesn't display the proper email for Yahoo contacts.
  • Fixed: the chat history window can become a little bit messed-up when sending several emoticons that half transform into bbcode in the same message.
  • Fixed: when in Messenger Lock mode, the Messenger icon in the systray is reverted back to normal if explorer.exe crashes and the systray bar is recreated.
  • Fixed: the Log Viewer doesn't display folders that only contains sub-folders.
  • Fixed: Messenger Plus! displays "yahoo:" in front of Yahoo contact's names.
  • Fixed: "In a call" status is not considered to be "Busy" by some of the features of Messenger Plus! (like playing sounds).
  • Fixed: floating desktop contacts of yourself do not work properly.
  • Fixed: the scripting documentation cannot be downloaded from the editor window in Windows Vista.
  • Fixed: can't import scripts when the full path to the scripts directory is not readable by the current user.
  • Scripts: fixed Contacts::GetContact() and Messenger::OpenChat() for contacts that are connected on the Yahoo network.
  • Scripts: OnEvent_ContactSignout is never called anymore after OnEvent_Signout.
  • Scripts: OnEvent_Uninitialize is always properly sent when Windows is restarted while Messenger is still running.
  • Scripts: Added a <Version> element in ScriptInfo to help developers specify the version of their scripts. This will prevent duplicated copies of the same script from being installed on a user's system (as the name of the script is used to create the corresponding script's directory). This tag is displayed in the import and preferences window.
  • Scripts: OnWindowidEvent_LstViewClicked events are now sent when the user clicks in an empty part of the control. In that case, ItemIdx is -1.
  • Scripts: added OnWindowidEvent_LstViewSelStateChanged event for ListView controls. This even is fired every time an item is selected or unselected.
  • Scripts: the documentation has been updated in several places. Please make sure you get the latest version! (and as a general rule, try to remember to check for documentation updates every month or so. The documentation can be updated/improved even when Messenger Plus! itself isn't).
  • Scripts: added MsgPlus::UILangCode property to get the code of the language currently displayed by Messenger Plus!.
  • Scripts: added ChatWnd::HistoryText_GetCurSelStart and ChatWnd::HistoryText_GetCurSelEnd to get the current selection in the message history area (where messages are received).
  • Scripts: added ChatWnd::HistoryText_GetTextRange to get a portion of text from the message history area.
  • Scripts: added MsgPlus::DownloadFile function and the corresponding OnEvent_DownloadFileComplete event to allow scripts to download files asynchronously.
Achtung: Während der Installation wird nachgefragt, ob das Sponsor-Programm (Adware) installiert werden soll. Wer den Entwickler nicht unterstützen möchte, sollte hier während der Installation "Ich möchte Messenger Plus! nicht unterstützen, Installation ohne Sponsor" auswählen. Dadurch entstehen dem Nutzer keine Nachteile, das Programm wird lediglich ohne die Werbe-Software installiert.


Lizenztyp: Freeware
Download: MsgPlusLive-420.exe (5,31Mb; mehrsprachig)
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