Mozilla Camino 0.8.2 - Web-Browser für den Apple

Software Dieses Freeware-Tool ist ein schneller, starker Internet-Browser für Mac OS X..


Das sind die Features der neuen Version:
  • A new look and icon set (a graphite set will be made available shortly)
  • Upgraded Gecko HTML rendering engine to 1.7final from 1.0, yielding performance and web page rendering enhancements, as well as a large number of bug-fixes
  • A more-compact download manager UI
  • Entirely rewritten bookmark system, capable of importing Safari, IE, and Mozilla bookmarks, with Rendezvous and Address Book integration and multi-level undo support
  • "Top Ten" bookmark collection, based on your ten most-visited sites
  • Searchable bookmarks
  • Google Search field in toolbar
  • Ability to manage individual cookies, sorting and editing cookie allow/deny lists
  • Ability to unblock popups on a per-site basis (popup white-listing)
  • User profile migrated to ~/Library/Application Support/Camino
  • Incremental, type-ahead find in the content area
  • Automatic size-to-fit for image images larger than the viewable content area
  • Hundreds of smaller improvements and bug-fixes to the user interface

    Das ist neu an dieser Version:
    - Folders in the Bookmark Menu and on the Bookmark Bar have an "Open in Tabs" item to open the contents of the folder in new tabs
    - Command-up/down arrow scrolls to the top/bottom of webpage (as in Safari)
    - Fixed crash on webpages using :hover and :overflow and scrolling
    - Correctly recognizes the new bookmark location for Firefox 1.0
    - Import bookmark separators from Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox
    - Fixed issues with bookmark importing that could cause crashes or Camino to become unresponsive
    - Fixed folders nesting incorrectly when importing Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox bookmarks
    - Download manager now correctly reflects the file name on save when the user changes it
    - Fixed an issue where selecting an item from a folder in the Bookmark Bar would open all items in that folder as tabs
    - Fixed an issue where no window would open if your homepage was blank

    Das Programm ist Freeware.
    Weitere Infos:
    Download: Software-Download
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