mIRC 6.15 released - Chat-Software

Software mIRC ist der Client für den IRC-Chat. Mit einer Fülle an Funktionen und Möglichkeiten macht das Surfen im IRC damit richtig Spaß. Die Möglichkeiten des Clienten sind groß, von Privat-Chats bis hin zu Datei-Versand - alles ist Möglich!

Das ist die Liste der Fixes:
1.Fixed $base() gpf bug with large numbers.
2.Fixed SSL gpf on connect with certain certificate types.
3.Fixed notify list hidden edit button bug.
4.The dcc send/get on filesent/filercvd/etc. events can now halt
  the default messages displayed in the status window.
5.Fixed bug in /findtext and Control+F routines.
6.Fixed &binvars not being unset at end of script in some cases.
7.Fixed Find URL bug in URL window.
8./names no longer fills nick list of channel window from which
  you have been kicked.
9.Fixed /echo -eg causing line separator to be logged.
10.Query window logs that are created but not written to are now
   automatically deleted when the query window is closed.
11.Fixed $error in :error handler not displaying correct line
   number and backward propagation of error.
12.Fixed $encode() not working with one character length text.
13.Fixed /gtalk -w, now looks in waves folder for sound.
14.Fixed random port selection bug.
15.SJIS/JIS support is now only automatically enabled when first
   running mIRC on a multi-byte SJIS/JIS system.
16.If auto-get is enabled with auto-resume and the incoming file is
   smaller than an existing file, the dcc is now cancelled.
17.Fixed Alt+Minus key combination displaying incorrect system menu
   when a window is maximized.
18./hop is ignored if issued more than once in a channel window that
   is in the process of being rejoined.
19.Fixed $sfile/$msfile bug when multiple filetypes are used.
20.Fixed $input not always initially setting focus to editbox.
21.Fixed handling of SSL port numbers where a disconnect and reconnect
   resulted in use of a non-SSL port. mIRC will now always use an SSL
   port when connecting if it was using one in the prior connection.
22.Recent servers list in servers.ini now stores entries with port
   numbers not in the servers list for that server.
23.Fixed /if comparison evaluation bug with $identifiers.
24.Fixed /debug bug, failed if called more than once in some cases.
25.Fixed $addtok() handling of $null values.
26.Fixed $did/$dname/$devent being reset during an on dialog event
   in some situations.
27.Undid change to /echo -bfh which allowed custom @windows to blink.
28.Fixed dcc accept message not applying the fill spaces option to
   a filename with spaces.
29.Fixed ampersand bug in custom dialog combo boxes.
30./window -a now activates dcc chat windows associated with active
   connection first if any are found.
31.Improved port-in-use detection method so port selection for DCC
   and other connections works more smoothly.
32.Fixed recursion gpf bug with /scon and /scid.
33.Fixed while/if bug when using $iif() in comparisons.
34.An error message is now displayed when the maximum recursion
   depth is reached in a script.
35.%helper users now able to use +voice related features such as
   auto-voice, /pvoice, etc.
36.Fixed Address Book/Control dialog not displaying ignore time
   value correctly when /ignore -uN is used.
37.Fixed channels list lower-case display bug on keypress.
38.Fixed /window not handling quotes around =chat window names.
39.Fixed $onpoly() not handling intersecting polygons of zero
40.Fixed handling of regular expressions that contained certain
   characters in remote event definitions.
41.Fixed binary variables being unset immediately instead of at
   the end of a script when $scon() is used.
42.Fixed custom socket bug that was causing sockets to be closed
43.Fixed "start minimized" bug where windows were not being sized
   properly at start up if mIRC was minimized.
44.Fixed editbox display bug when using certain fonts.
45.Fixed dcc trusted listbox not displaying vertical scroll bar.
46.Fixed tabkey evaluation bug.
47.Fixed /drawpic memory leak when drawing icons.
48.Fixed the way /ban -uN and /ignore -uN values are processed,
   now identical.
49.Fixed dcc send/chat using incorrect network when initiated via
   notify list window.
50.Added /filter -k switch, calls alias instead
   of outputting to a file or window.
51.The Open Folder button in a completed DCC Get window now opens
   the explorer window and highlights the received file.
52.Fixed custom dialog combo editbox bug when deleting item.
53.Added /font -z switch, clears all font settings and sets all
   windows to the specified font. If no font is specified, all
   default font settings are set to fixedsys.
54.Fixed log folder bug where a subfolder was incorrectly being
   created in some situations.
55.Added "Find selection" option to Editor dialog, toggles find
   dailog behaviour of using text under cursor.
56.Fixed /dialog -c gpf bug.
57.Fixed SSL key files handling bug, changes in SSL dialog were
   not being applied.
58.Fixed SSL root certificate handling bug, resulted in rejection
   of valid certificates.
59.Fixed various multi-byte display/mark/copy bugs.
60.Fixed SJIS/JIS processing bug, was corrupting outgoing lines
   in some situations.
61.Fixed links list window display bug.
62.Fixed /window -b not working on side-listbox.
63.Fixed /while loop handling bug when /break on same line.
64.Added support for unreal ircd numeric 489, sent when you try
   to join a channel with +z channel mode set and you are not
   using a secure/ssl connection.
65.Can now use $send(-1) and $get(-1) in on FILESENT/SENDFAIL/etc.
   events to refer to dcc associated with the event.
66.Fixed /fserve maxgets limit bug.
67.Added $hotlinepos, returns line and word position.
68.Added /url -ils switches, which insert a new item, and load
   and save the url list.
69.Added $replacex() identifier, same as $replace() except that
   it ignores previous replacements in the line.
70.Fixed multi-monitor display bug.
71.Fixed /goto gpf with empty : goto points.
72.Fixed $regsub() handling of and $ characters.
73.Fixed dcc get via http proxy/socks bug.
74.Fixed firewall not releasing dcc-related sockets in some cases.
75.Added support for numeric 005 ELIST=MNUCTP token.
76.Fixed reload logs bug.

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Weitere Infos: www.mirc.co.uk
Download: Software-Download

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