SyncBack V3.1 - Ordner&FTP-Server synchronisieren

Mit SyncBack lassen sich Ordner und sogar FTP-Server synchronisieren. Das äußerst brauchbare Tool integriert die Aufgaben in den Windows eigenen Scheduler und bringt eine sehr übersichtliche Oberfläche mit sich.

Das ist neu an dieser Build:
• Fixed a number of minor bugs including sporadic out-of-bounds error and tree problems
• Fixed a out-of-bounds error when using an FTP server that doesn't support MDTM command
• Text log file now correctly appends
• When canceling settings, only given warning if any settings were changed
• New option to email log file only if errors occur
• Fixed access violation and runtime 216 errors (mostly related to CPU frequency)
• Log file now created and written to before scanning starts
• Fixed bug where log file was empty if user aborted during compression when using single file compression
• Network connections are retried to try and reduce the chance of a profile failing because of 'Network errors'
• New option to ignore files that have not been modified/created within a certain time frame, e.g. last 7 days
• The display now clearly shows if a profile is configured as Group, Backup, Synchronize, Restore or Custom
• Can now export AutoClose settings. AutoClose settings will now be exported on pre-XP systems.
• Can now use quote characters to wrap file and directory names that contain spaces (for FTP)
• Automatically detect IE proxy server and port number for FTP settings (not if using a script)
• Automatically retries file copy 1223 errors (related to temporary network problems)
• The sub-directory selection option on profile setup has been changed from a checkbox to a drop-down list
• The email subject will be prefixed with [Failed] if the profile run failed
• The profile description (in Profile Setup) will now say if the profile will run slowly due to its settings
• When reading and writing files to an FTP server, SyncBack will automatically change the files permissions as required to do the get/put and then revert them back
• System wide hotkeys can be assigned to profiles (including group profiles) so they run automatically when pressed
• Fixed date encoding error
• Reintroduced the old (V2) method of file copying & deleting as an option (fixes problems with Novell networks)
• Option to tell SyncBack if FTP server is using GMT/UTC or local time
• Fixed bug where all files skipped if option to skip modified files was enabled
• Program caption (and About dialog caption) now say exactly which version of SyncBack it is
• Now identifies changes in file attributes
• Checks if the Windows Task Scheduler service is installed and running (NT/2K/XP only)
• Warning given if Zip file contains more than 65,535 files
• Seconds difference is now 2 by default. This is to avoid problems with FAT and UNIX drives (which are not as accurate as NTFS)
• Option to clear archive attribute of source and destination files when copied
• Fixed a bug in MDTM FTP code
• Network connect can be configured to use supplied username and password before default one (for NT/2K/XP only)

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Das Programm ist Freeware.
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