Messenger Plus! 2.5 released - Infos und DL


Bei dem Tool Messenger Plus! handelt es sich um ein inoffizielles Add-On für den MSN Messenger von Microsoft. Es erweitert das Chattool um viele nützliche Funktionen, beispielsweise die Möglichkeit zum Hinterlegen einer Abwesenheitsnachricht.

Das ist neu an dieser Build:

  • Several notifications can now be set for each contact, from the Contact Manager window and the new popup menu. These notifications display a toast window, similar to the one Messenger is using for its own notifications.

    • You can be notified when a contact goes offline.

    • You can be notified when a contact changes his/her status.

    • You can be notified when a contact changes his/her name.

    • The notifications can be set either for the next occurrence or for every subsequent occurrence.

    • A new panel has been added in the Preferences to allow proper configuration of this feature .

  • The Preferences panel has a new Notifications section to configure the toast windows displayed by Messenger Plus!.

    • A sound can be associated to the popups if desired.

    • In the Contact Defaults sub-section, you can select some events you want to be permanently notified for every contacts (to be notified every time anyone goes offline for example).

  • A "Messenger Plus!" entry has been added at the end of the popup menu displayed when you right click on a name in the contact list. This menu allows easy access to many features. Thanks to this menu you can:

    • Open the chat log of a contact (also automatically flushes the current chat).

    • Change the custom name of a contact.

    • Quickly set special notifications for the contact.

    • Mass contact block and unblock for groups

    • Display various contact information (see below)

  • Added a Contact Information window

    • This window is accessible from the contact popup menu and with the /info command.

    • The window displays several info, including the contact name&email (that you can copy), and the last time you saw him online or you opened a chat with him.

    • You can store contact specific information in this window. Up to 50,000 characters of text can be stored. That should be enough for all your needs :).

    • The window displays the last 20 events related to the contact (status change, name change, block, etc...).

    • This window also tells you if the contact has Messenger Plus 2.50 or above installed on his computer. To know about this, you have to press the "Check for Plus!" button. This will send a Ping command and wait for a response.

  • Added a /ping command. When you use it with any contact who has Messenger 2.50 or above, it will trigger an automatic response and it will display the number of seconds of "network lagging" between you and your contact. This can prove to be very useful when you're unsure about the current stability of your network. Note that Messenger Plus! also internally records any answer as a proof that your contact has Messenger Plus! installed (see below). If you don't like the idea of your computer automatically answering ping requests, this can be disabled in the Preferences panel (Commands section).

  • POP3 E-mail feature improved

    • A notification popup is displayed when new e-mail is received (yeah, finally :). If more than one POP3 e-mail account, the text in the notification window displayed the e-mail count for each account.

    • A program or a web link can be specified to be executed when the notification popup, or the email link at the top of the contact list, is clicked. By default, Messenger Plus! launched the e-mail client associated with MSN Messenger.

    • Along with the popup notification, the sound registered for new e-mails in MSN Messenger is played. This can be disabled from the Notifications preferences panel.

  • Fixed a bug in the "block group" feature. The feature has also been improved to bypass a limitation of the Messenger server... mass blocking tends to flood the server and sometimes, some blocking operations are just ignored. Messenger Plus! now blocks/unblocks each contact one at a time with a small delay between each one; it takes longer but it's more effective.

  • The Personalised Status tag is now removed from the name displayed in several windows for better clarity.

  • The Personalised Status tags are better managed in the contact list for Offline and Mobile status.

  • Sound files of type WAV are now played entirely, from beginning to end, without a time limit, when associated to a contact event (sign-in/sign-out). Other file types (such as MP3) still have a 12 seconds default limit (can be modified with a registry setting).

  • The Auto-Away feature doesn't change your status if you're using Appear Offline.

  • Status or name changes are not logged in the chat logs anymore if the chat is considered to be inactive (some minutes without any talking).

  • Non-admin accounts can now disable the Messenger Plus! Recovery window if necessary.

  • Added a command to quickly open the log of the contact you're talking to: /viewlog.

  • Added a full featured scheduler (Plus! menu of the contact list)

    • An unlimited amount of schedules can be stored.

    • A schedule can either display a message, or change your status, at a specific date and time.

    • When a message is displayed, you can associate a program or an internet link that will be executed if you click on the notification popup.

    • Each schedule can be executed either once or at regular intervals (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly).

    • The scheduler window can be opened with the /scheduler command.

    • Use the Scheduler for all sorts of different things! let it remind you of important dates or change your status every day when you go to sleep. Just explore the possibilities! :).

  • A bug has been fixed that could prevent Instant Lock and Boss Protect to work properly in MSN Messenger 6.1.

  • Added an Import/Export wizard in the preferences panel.

    • To import or export your preferences, click on the Backup button in the Preferences window.

    • The procedure is designed to be extremely easy for everyone thanks to the use of a wizard style window.

    • You can chose to import/export either your general preferences, your schedules, or every contact related information. Of course, all this data can be saved in one and only file.

    • The backup file (extension .pld) can be used to import the same preferences into different accounts. You can also use the file on a different computer to transfer your preferences to all your stations.

  • Added a "More..." entry in the "Send Command" menu. This redirects to a page on with a list of every command available.

  • Fixed an important bug concerning the combination of the Custom Name feature and names with mulit-format tags embedded.

  • When you double click on an event in the Event Viewer, you can click on the new "Contact Information" button to display all the recent events associated with this contact only

  • New feature: if you move the contact list window on the left or right edge of your screen, the window will be docked automatically (height maximised and attached to the edge). This is enabled by default and can be disabled from the Contact List preferences panel.

    • While docked, you can resize the window to change its width but not its height

    • While docked, you are not permitted to maximize the window

    • To exit docking mode just move the window as if you wanted to detach it from the edge of the screen (try to move it toward the center of the screen).

  • Fixed a small bug with MSN Messenger 6. The size and position of the window is now saved correctly every time you exit the application (the undocked size is saved when you exit while docked).

  • A "More Statuses" entry has been added to the status menu displayed when you click on your name at the top of the contact list. This menu contains all your predefined Personalised Status and a direct link to the Personalised Status window.

  • Better support of names with carriage returns (line breaks).

    • Carriage returns in contact names in log headers are removed.

    • If the "truncate name" feature is enabled for your logs, carriage returns in names are removed.

  • When IRC Commands are enabled, anything that start with a slash '/' is considered a command. If the command is not recognized, it is ignored and unsent. This will prevent unwanted messages to be sent to your contacts because you misspelled a command. By default, an error message will be displayed, this can be disabled with the "CommandErrorMessage" registry setting.

  • Added the /pic command. Use it to quickly change your display picture. It takes the name of the new display picture as parameter (not a file name, the name you assigned to a previously added picture).

    • Use "0" as parameter to remove the existing display picture.

    • If an exact match cannot be found, Messenger Plus! tried to match the parameter with a fraction of the name. For example, "tree" can be used to select "Palm Trees".

    • You can create multiple actions Quick Texts to change both your status and picture when needed.

  • The Contact Manager has been improved in many ways.

    • The window is not modal anymore. This means that you can access your contact list while in the Contact Manager.

    • The window can be resize! I've received this request many time, it is now done. Of course, a Maximize button has been added to the title bar.

    • A Block/Unblock button has been added. It works with single and multiple selections.

    • Double-clicking on a contact display the corresponding Contact Info window.

    • A "blocked" icon is displayed for contacts who are blocked.

  • The Boss Protect and Instant Lock features now hide a lot more "secondary" windows than before.

  • This feature is heavily requested since the existence of MSN Messenger: change the color of your text to more than the 16 predefined default colors. Messenger Plus! now offers you this option but in a different way you're already used to.

    • Messenger Plus! offers you the ultimate convenience of changing your color to any color you want directly from the Font changer displayed by Messenger (from the Options or when you right click on your text box). Instead of a "Color" combo box you now get an "Enhanced Color" button that lets you chose any color possible.

    • The color window remembers the custom colors you select.

    • A noticeable difference with other tools that already do the same thing is that this change is automatically applied in Messenger, no need to restart, no even close your chat window! :).

  • The "NameOnSignin" registry setting has been added. Use it if you want to change your name automatically to a default one when you sign-in. This can be useful, for example, if you use the same account in different places and want to identify your location.

    • I hope some of the Plus Tweakers out there will be updated to include this setting. If you are many to find this feature useful, I'll add it to the preferences panel of the next version.

  • A utility function has been added to be used by the plugins (the plugin engine version is now 3). Plugins can now use DisplayToast() to display a toast notification popup with the title, message, program and sound they want. If you're a plugin developer, there's a good chance this news will please you a lot :).

  • The scrolling bug for the (!WAT) Winamp tag has been fixed thanks to Matty.

  • Several windows have been redesigned to refresh the look of the software. The one window that has been changed the most is the About Box. In addition of being gorgeous (thanks to GFD usual talent), it displays several links to different help and resources pages. Also, a manual "Check For Update" feature has been added there.

    • Added a "HaveComplexTheme" registry value. Use it to deactivate some of the new graphics if you're using a complex Windows XP theme that doesn't fit with the Messenger Plus! new style.

  • One Sound Command has been added. How could I continue to distribute Messenger Plus! without a classic sound from Star Trek? :). If you're trekkie enough, you'll also discover a new easter egg related to this sound :).

  • A lot of people were requesting a new easter egg, well, this version has two new eggs. The first one is related to the new sound command. The second one is a command that can actually be useful and funny to use if both you and your contact have Messenger Plus! 2.50. The only hint I'll you is if, like me, you spent hours playing at the Monkey Island serie from Lucas Arts some years ago, this new egg will definitively make you smile! :).

    • You can enable or disable the easter egg by using "on" and "off" as parameter to the secret command.

  • The /all command has been fixed to work better with commands.

  • The Ctrl+Tab bug has been fixed. This was due to the fact that I was using this escape sequence for the plugin feature. I fixed the bug buy changing the escape code (from 0x09 to 0x12). Plugins MUST be recompiled with the latest plugin header files to be compatible with this new version of Messenger Plus! (the modification date of the latest C and VB files is in October 2003). The version number passed as parameter in Initialize() should be used to ensure backward compatibility.

  • A "Messenger Plus!" menu has been added to the action menu displayed when you click on the round arrow button at the top right corner of your chat window (near the block button). This menu gives you fast access so several features and is mostly useful when you use the "no border" option of MSN Messenger 6.1.

  • Messenger Plus! is now capable of dialoging with more POP3 servers.

  • The read-me file distributed with the software has been rewritten... it was about time :).

  • Some languages have been added, some have been removed (because not updated). I'll post the non-updated languages on the forum. When they'll have been updated, they'll be added back in the public distribution.

  • A lot of other small improvements and bug fixes (really, a lot, and in every aspect of the program). This version also manages memory more efficiently and will take less resources on your system than any other release done in the past year. I'm tired of typing things in this file so I'll just say that this version is a must for anyone using Messenger Plus! or anyone who wants to give it a first or second chance :).


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