Wichio 1.5 - starker Internet-Browser für Windows

Dieses Tool ist ein sehr guter Internet-Browser für Windows mit 27 eingebauten Tools und einer skinfähigen Oberfläche. Ob das Shareware-Tool allerdings gegen die starke Freeware-Fraktion (MyIE, etc.) bestehen kann, bleibt abzuwarten!


Das sind die Programm-Features:
  • Block Pop-Up Windows. Close all annoying pop-up windows automatically.
  • Download Manager. Show groups of images, audio-video, zip, .exe files, etc. of a web page. Download them as many as you want with auto redialing and resuming broken download.
  • Email Alerts. Inform you of new e-mails on your POP3 and Yahoo! Accounts and directly log on to read these mails.
  • Web Update Alerts. Notify you when your favorite pages have been updated, useful for monitoring updates of your threads in message boards.
  • Speed up web pages surfing by pre-loading your favorite or selected web pages in the background.
  • Delete History, Cache and Cookies. Just a click to let no one trace where you have visited before.
  • Show System Resources. Prevent your computer from crashing by notifying you if free system resources are less than 10% (available only win95/98/ME). And see more details about resources and memories.
  • Fast Search. Easier and faster steps to get the results of your search from top 20 search engines.
  • Check weather conditions and forecasts for almost every country and city in the world.
  • Translate words from/to English for 6 other different languages including thesaurus.
  • IP-URL Checker. See information (Whois, Traceroute, DNS lookup) of the IP address or URL you specify.
  • Auto Connect. Dial and connect your computer to the Internet automatically at the events you specified in the options (i.e. when program starts, when your computer is disconnected or at specified time).
  • Auto Disconnect. Disconnect your computer from the Internet automatically at the event you specified in the options (i.e. when program closed, when download complete, or at specified time).
  • Keep Connection Alive. Prevent your computer in idle status from being disconnected by stimulating Internet activity for you every 30 seconds.
  • Show My IP Address. For online game players, you can see your online (external) IP address and copy it with a click. See more details about your IP configuration and local IP address.
  • See information of the web site you are visiting.(e.g. country, company info.)
  • Trace Route. Trace route to the web site you are visiting and get information of every hop along the route.
  • Talking Reminders. Like alarm clock, but it can say words and a number of alarm time can be set.
  • Voice After Download Complete. Know when download complete by a voice that can say any words.
  • Close All Windows. If you like to open a lot of windows while you are surfing, just clicking this button will close all of them.
  • Click Sounds. Listen to different click sounds when you click on links of a web page. And add more click sounds from Wichio web site
  • Hyperlinks & Buttons. See different looking of them when you move your mouse over them.
  • Images. See different changing of them when you move your mouse over them.
  • Background Color. Change background color of a web page to be easier to read with a click.
  • Text Color. Change text color of a web page to be easier to read with a click.
  • Select the different looks of your browser and download more skins from Wichio web site.
  • Voice. Listen to the program's voice and select the one you like from almost 20 different voices. Download Microsoft Speech API 4.0

    Verkaufspreis: Das Programm ist Shareware und kostet als Vollversion 15$.
    Weitere Infos: www.wichio.com
    Download: Software-Download

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