Shareaza Beta - FileSharingTool

Software Das inzwischen recht beliebte Filesharingtool Shareaza liegt seit heute in einer neuen Beta-Version vor.

Es vereint zahlreiche Filesharing-Netzwerke unter einer Oberfläche, darunter jetzt auch das serverlose BitTorrent.

Das sind die Programm-Features:

  • Open component architecture allowing third-party developers to extend functionality of the player
  • Audio formats supported "out-of-the-box": WAV, VOC, Ogg Vorbis, MPC, MP2, MP3
  • Audio formats supported through official addons: MPEG-4 AAC, FLAC, OggFLAC, Monkey's Audio, WavPack, Speex, CDDA, TFMX, SPC, various MOD types; extraction on-the-fly from RAR & ZIP archives
  • Full Unicode support on Windows NT
  • ReplayGain support
  • Low memory footprint, efficient handling of really large playlists
  • Advanced file info processing capabilities (generic file info box and masstagger)
  • Highly customizable playlist display
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Most of standard components are opensourced under BSD license (source included with the SDK)

    Das ist neu an dieser Build:
    · Setting to control 'trying download' time-out added.
    · Additional comments added to code.
    · Downloads with more sources try for longer.
    · Downloads help fix.
    · Safe/Never share list box fix.
    · Tweaked default settings in wizard.
    · Download control code cleaned up for readability.
    · StopTrying() function added to downloads.
    · Shareaza doesn't strip trailing '/' on webcaches.
    · Shareaza 'gives up' on a download faster if it has no sources.
    · Fixed bug where Shareaza didn't send search metadata on eD2k.
    · Pause/resume button display glitch corrected.
    · Firewalled ED2K sources may be filtered.
    · Firewalled ED2K sources display (Server-IP) in search results.
    · Firewalled ED2K sources display Client-ID@Server-IP in search results pop-up.
    · ED2K client ID extracted from URL on load, since it isn't saved.
    · Better high-bandwidth settings added to quickstart wizard.
    · Firewalled ED2K sources display Client-ID@Server-IP on download screen.
    · Firewalled ED2K sources display Client-ID@Server-IP in download pop-up.
    · Removed skinning features on the language selection window.
    · Optimized BitTorrent Source Limiting.
    · "Verified" status bug corrected.
    · Language selection box scrolls if required.
    · Language box smaller if in a low res mode.
    · Fixed Skin Redraw issue.
    · Skin/Translation fixes.
    · BT keepalive bug corrected.

    Das Programm ist Freeware.
    Weitere Infos:
    Download: Software-Download
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