Shareaza Beta - FileSharingTool

Das inzwischen recht beliebte Filesharingtool Shareaza liegt seit heute in einer neuen Beta-Version vor. Es vereint zahlreiche Filesharing-Netzwerke unter einer Oberfläche, darunter jetzt auch das serverlose BitTorrent.

Das sind die Programm-Features:
  • Open component architecture allowing third-party developers to extend functionality of the player
  • Audio formats supported "out-of-the-box": WAV, VOC, Ogg Vorbis, MPC, MP2, MP3
  • Audio formats supported through official addons: MPEG-4 AAC, FLAC, OggFLAC, Monkey's Audio, WavPack, Speex, CDDA, TFMX, SPC, various MOD types; extraction on-the-fly from RAR & ZIP archives
  • Full Unicode support on Windows NT
  • ReplayGain support
  • Low memory footprint, efficient handling of really large playlists
  • Advanced file info processing capabilities (generic file info box and masstagger)
  • Highly customizable playlist display
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Most of standard components are opensourced under BSD license (source included with the SDK)

    Das sind die Neuerungen in dieser Build:
    · Downloading from Gnutella (G1) clients no longer causes text searches to be sent to ed2k servers (Mike)
    · Searches left open will not be re-sent to an ed2k neighbour every 45 minutes. (MogTheCat)
    · Magnet links with ed2k hashes no longer send text searches to ed2k servers. (MogTheCat)
    · Version number sent to ed2k increased. (MogTheCat)
    · The ed2k.RequeryDelay setting has been removed. (MogTheCat)
    · Advanced option to enable/disable updating checking added. (MogTheCat)
    · The Gnutella "max files" limit no longer includes ed2k results. (MogTheCat)
    · Ed2k hits now have separate count, Ed2k "max hits" limit no longer includes Gnutella results. (MogTheCat)
    · Security rules only accepts valid IP masks. (phuzi0n)
    · Small optimisation in security code. (phuzi0n)
    · Gnutella clients are sent an increased poll time as Q# increases. (Up to 5 minutes max) (MogTheCat)
    · Shareaza remembers queue times sent, verifies against correct values. (MogTheCat)
    · Searches are now limited to a specified number of queries to reduce UDP traffic. (MogTheCat)
    · Searches may now be continued (rather than re-started) if they stop. (MogTheCat)
    · Search more will give you another 100 files or 2200 queries, as required. (MogTheCat)
    · Shareaza displays the Blue search bar and 'searching...' while searches are in progress. (MogTheCat)
    · Default discovery services are loaded from a text file. (phuzi0n)
    · Searches that are ignored by Shareaza may not be sent either. (MogTheCat)
    · Invalid searches now cause a help box to be displayed. (MogTheCat)
    · Remote header cached for 3 days (Higgy)
    · Obsolete strings removed. (MogTheCat)
    · Smart Upgrade used to verify several settings are valid. (MogTheCat)
    · Assembler optimisations in image handling code (camper)
    · Magnet search (ed2k hash) option added for ed2k servers.(MogTheCat)
    · Jigle removed. (MogTheCat)
    · Separate Torrents folder added for downloaded .torrent files. (MogTheCat)
    · When looking for a .torrent file to seed, Shareaza starts in the Torrents folder. (MogTheCat)
    · Torrent files downloaded through G1/G2/ed2k are put in the Torrents folder.(MogTheCat)
    · Attempts to share 'My Computer' and similar things blocked. (MogTheCat)
    · Attempts to share 'bad' folders (C:Windows, Incomplete directory, etc) blocked. (MogTheCat)
    · Help pop-up added to share dialog. (MogTheCat)
    · BitTorrent download connections now specified in settings. (MogTheCat)
    · afximpl.h has relative path rather than absolute. (MogTheCat)
    · Separate Collections folder added for .collection and .co files. (MogTheCat)
    · Collection files downloaded through G1/G2/ed2k are put in the Collections folder.(MogTheCat)
    · Seeding torrents are not considered 'completed', and are now cleared individually.(MogTheCat)
    · Option to add seeding torrent box added to home page (Resolution permitting). (MogTheCat)
    · Typo corrected in playlist
    · Firewalled/LowID clients have (push) appended to name. (MogTheCat)
    · Extra dialog box removed when downloading from torrents in library. (MogTheCat)
    · Security list display time in d h m format. (MogTheCat)
    · Collection folder added to library setup page. (MogTheCat)
    · Pause option added to search- allows resume. (MogTheCat)
    · Typo corrected in filter. (MogTheCat)
    · Component versions increased to (MogTheCat)
    · BitTorrent setup page added. (MogTheCat)
    · Option for right-click create torrent added to library menu. (Calls TorrentAid) (MogTheCat)
    · Search schema combo box is correctly set to current search type when restarting or changing skins (MogTheCat)
    · Translation fixes in media player. (Thesage)
    · Translation fixes in some dialog boxes. (MogTheCat)
    · Translation fixes in Remote settings. (MogTheCat)
    · Setup Wizard no longer sets values over normal max limits. (MogTheCat)
    · Discovery services regenerated if <= 2 webcaches. (To prevent 1 bad cache stopping connection) (MogTheCat)
    · Downloads in excess of max set no longer search for more sources when added.
    · BitTorrent "max torrents to download" limit added. (MogTheCat)
    · Fixed extended characters in ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags. (Mike)
    · Multi-monitor menu fixes. (Paul Bludov)
    · Search panel has enable() and disable() functions added. (MogTheCat)
    · Search boxes disabled while search is active/waiting. (MogTheCat)
    · New SHA1/TTH/MD4 assembler hashing code (camper)
    · Tool tip multi-monitor fixes. (Paul Bludov)
    · Search via home tab correctly disables input boxes. (MogTheCat)
    · Empty file hash fix. (camper)
    · String type/browse user corrected. (MogTheCat)
    · URL export crash fixed (Mike)
    · Disk space / Torrent bug corrected. (MogTheCat)
    · Number of neighbours no longer displayed in basic mode. (MogTheCat)
    · Upload queue display indicates disabled queues. (MogTheCat)
    · Disabled queues excluded when displaying bandwidth allocation. (MogTheCat)
    · Torrents only start querying tracker when ready to download. (MogTheCat)
    · Number of files attempting to start at once limited. (MogTheCat)
    · Search result changes to blue when clicked on. (Rayner)
    · Schema input disabled while search running. (MogTheCat)
    · Torrent Creator locator uses explorer style dialog box. (MogTheCat)
    · Duplicate BT settings removed from advanced settings. (MogTheCat)
    · Discovery services regenerated if < 3 Gnutella2 services. (MogTheCat)
    · Number of discovery services checked on startup. (MogTheCat)
    · Unicode conversion in skin.cpp modified. (MogTheCat)
    · Hide search sidebar option added. (MogTheCat)
    · Completed files not checked for inactive download status. (MogTheCat)
    · Fixed button name glitch when hiding / showing search sidebar. (MogTheCat)
    · Protocol info box not displayed in basic mode. (MogTheCat)
    · Option to over-ride low res GUI mode added. (MogTheCat)
    · Translation fixes. (SteventB, Rolandas, MogTheCat)
    · File size display bug corrected. (MogTheCat)
    · Status bar displays hub mode (except w/basic GUI). (MogTheCat)
    · Download sorting added. (Wai)
    · Network/Schena combo boxes grey out when disabled. (MogTheCat)
    · Connection/assembly optimisations. (camper)
    · Remote/schema combo box bug fixed. (MogTheCat)
    · Restart/all files/schema combo box bug fixed. (MogTheCat)
    · New node info page. (Stealth)
    · WinNT/multimonitor fix. (MogTheCat)
    · Setup Wizard has common DSL types added. (MogTheCat)
    · Setup Wizard sets upload/download more accurately. (MogTheCat)
    · Default queue settings changed- High bandwidth queue setup added. (MogTheCat)
    · Default settings/win9x tweaks to reduce socket use. (MogTheCat)
    · Basic GUI mode hides ed2k queues if ed2k is disabled. (MogTheCat)
    · Protocol option in queue setup hidden if not applicable. (MogTheCat)
    · Setup wizard does not connect firewalled users to multiple networks. (MogTheCat)

    News-Submiter: WebBeat84 & SoQJames
    Lizenztyp: Das Programm ist Freeware.
    Weitere Infos:
    Download: Software-Download
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