eMule Plus 1k veröffentlicht


Der Mod eMule Plus für den eDonkey Netzwerk Client eMule wurde nun in der Version 1k veröffentlicht.

Im folgenden der große Changelog:

FEATURE: added counter-filtering feature for filtered server ports [KuSh/DropF]
FEATURE: added upload log (CSV format) to log upload sessions [DonGato]
FEATURE: added indication of completed chunks with an * in Shared Files list [DonGato]
FEATURE: added optional confirmations for disconnect and friend deletion [Aw3]
FEATURE: added preferences for smart filter [SyruS]
FEATURE: added big and nice client icons for Client Details dialog [Aw3]
FEATURE: added slidebar in Preferences dialog [DropF/FoRcHa]
FEATURE: now if you click over the File Type icon the file details dialog is shown [DonGato]
FEATURE: added Edit option for serverlist context menu [DropF]
FEATURE: watch clipboard for ed2k links (official) and download to assigned or selected category [netwolf]
FEATURE: added option to keep paused and stopped files at bottom of the DownloadList [KuSh/DonGato]
FEATURE: added statistics for SUI, Low ID and Problematic clients and number of Active Downloads [netwolf]
FEATURE: added option to automatically clear completed files [netwolf/KuSh]
FEATURE: 'Swap all A4AF sources to other files' by using right-click menu or customizable shortcut [netwolf]
FEATURE: added button to toggle between Shared and All Known files in Shared files window [netwolf]
FEATURE: added option to view A4AF sources count on Sources column [KuSh]
FEATURE: show remaining files to be hashed counter in Shared files window [netwolf]
FEATURE: proper scheduler shift set on client restart [DonGato]
FEATURE: Search: show the number of complete sources by search [Eklmn]
FEATURE: Search: added 'More' button and feature [KuSh]
FEATURE: Search: added file extension field to search arguments [KuSh]
FEATURE: Search: display known but not shared files in a different color (orange) [netwolf]
FEATURE: Shared files: display downloading (incomplete) files in gray, Jumpstart files in light blue [netwolf]
FEATURE: WebServer: file rename now possible in transfers page [DonGato]
FEATURE: WebServer: added Complete Sources column for Shared Files page [DonGato]
FEATURE: WebServer: now progress bar is also dimmed for paused/stopped downloads [DonGato]
FEATURE: WebServer: added color to the logs [katsyonak]
CHANGE: removed Jigle search and updated FileDonkey in both GUI and WebServer [DonGato]
CHANGE: updated ICR v2.14 (new way of blocking, better handle of last chunk selection) [Eklmn]
CHANGE: "SLUGFILLER:SafeHash" partialy replaced by code, that produce minimal lock & is more robust [Eklmn]
CHANGE: reworked and corrected Add Friend dialog [Aw3]
CHANGE: indirect flush of data to the disk if chunk was complete [Eklmn]
CHANGE: improved cleaning of dead clients in waiting queue [Eklmn/KuSh]
CHANGE: improved processing of the "startup"/"session time" timer [Aw3]
CHANGE: improved string processing [Aw3]
CHANGE: improved blocking synchronization for completing file hashing [Aw3]
CHANGE: optimized part status writing [Aw3]
CHANGE: optimized hash calculation [Aw3]
CHANGE: improved fakelist download, and added fakes.rar file support [DropF/KuSh/BavarianSnail]
CHANGE: improved File and Client Detail dialog processing [Aw3]
CHANGE: updated handling of multiple instances so you can send commands to the one you want to [kuchin/DonGato]
CHANGE: improved context menu creation [Aw3]
CHANGE: selects the currently set temp resp. incoming directory in the browser dialog [res]
CHANGE: improved and corrected implementation of saving thread [Aw3]
CHANGE: more accurate output of some statistics percentage values [netwolf]
CHANGE: improved hash to string conversion [Aw3]
CHANGE: detailed filter statistic [Eklmn]
CHANGE: update (speed optimization & output in stats tree) of the countermeasures against unfair client [Eklmn]
CHANGE: improved user hash generation algorithm (more unique values) [Aw3]
CHANGE: optimized hash processings [Aw3]
CHANGE: replaced all zero filled memsets with optimized memzero [Aw3/katsyonak]
CHANGE: added category name to log, popup and e-mail notifier (when a download is added or finished) [netwolf]
CHANGE: after clearing search parameters or removing all search tabs, set focus to Name (and clear it) [netwolf]
CHANGE: improved processor optimized code [katsyonak/Aw3]
CHANGE: upload auto priority now sets very well spread files to Low priority [netwolf]
CHANGE: ed2k protocol: new way of sorting boolean arguments in server's search requests [KuSh]
CHANGE: ed2k protocol: removed requesting of file status for files <= PARTSIZE [KuSh]
CHANGE: ed2k protocol: sources requests are now sent with one TCP frame to the local server [KuSh]
BUGFIX: crash on known file deletion in some cases [Aw3]
BUGFIX: corrected addition in DL-queue of the file [Aw3/Eklmn]
BUGFIX: processing of corrupted compression stream [Aw3]
BUGFIX: very rare decompression problem for highly compressed data [Aw3]
BUGFIX: fixed security exploit in IRC module and Web server (from official) [katsyonak]
BUGFIX: corrected client software detection [Eklmn]
BUGFIX: initial sorting of server list by Static criteria [Aw3]
BUGFIX: corrected handling of leecher clients in "countermeasures against unfair client" [Eklmn]
BUGFIX: fixed priority jump to release completion of the file [Eklmn]
BUGFIX: fixed filename update after rename in file details [Eklmn]
BUGFIX: 'All' file type was always selected for web service search requestes [Aw3]
BUGFIX: solved several potential crashes when filename contains '%' [Aw3]
BUGFIX: some fixes/code changes over InfoListCtrl [DonGato]
BUGFIX: tooltip display for file size > 2 Gb [Aw3]
BUGFIX: fixed source check for lancast sources & memleak connected to it [Eklmn]
BUGFIX: display of Available Parts and Last Seen Complete for file size > 2.3 Gb [Aw3]
BUGFIX: IRC underline/apostroph bugfix (from official) [BavarianSnail]
BUGFIX: possible memleak & loss of block request by OP_REQUESTPARTS [Eklmn]
BUGFIX: solved potential crash which can be caused by corrupted preferences.ini [Aw3]
BUGFIX: GDI resource loss after toolbar skin changing [Aw3]
BUGFIX: solved all problems with display of '&' in File and Client Details dialogs [Aw3]
BUGFIX: scrolling of 'Currently downloading' field from Client Details dialog [Aw3]
BUGFIX: AVI file information for file size > 2Gb [Aw3]
BUGFIX: bogus display of AVI audio bitrate in some cases [Aw3]
BUGFIX: valid user hash check [Aw3]
BUGFIX: scheduler shift sometimes wasn't checked [DonGato]
BUGFIX: multiple link copy to clipboard is more compatible [Aw3]
BUGFIX: fixed sorting of ETA, AVG ETA, TimeRemaining, AvgTimeRemaining columns [KuSh]
BUGFIX: display bug in Server window buttons when using XP visual styles [katsyonak]
BUGFIX: processing files with size = 0 modulo PARTSIZE [Aw3]
BUGFIX: fixed block reservation by deleted client [Eklmn]
BUGFIX: fixed the excessive resizing on column resize [KuSh]
BUGFIX: fixed user hash masking for MlDonkey [Aw3]
BUGFIX: ICR, prevent request of the part where does not left any empty block [Eklmn]
BUGFIX: leading/trailing spaces in pasted ed2k links no longer give invalid link [BavarianSnail]
BUGFIX: decision whether to compress packets or not was case sensitive (+ added some file extensions) [netwolf]
BUGFIX: fixed About dialog and Splash screen when system font is not standard [Aw3]
BUGFIX: proper display of Jumpstart files if set to auto upload priority [netwolf]
BUGFIX: fix for Preallocate handling of exceptions [DonGato]
BUGFIX: fixes for ed2k source links [KuSh/DonGato]
BUGFIX: WebServer: search list ED2K link for file size > 2 Gb [Aw3]
BUGFIX: WebServer: minor visual fixes for Mozilla based browsers [DonGato]
BUGFIX: WebServer: fixed eMuleLight template ed2k box for Opera browsers [DonGato]
BUGFIX: WebServer: fix on templates for category context menu [KuSh]

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