Einladung zum MSN 9.0 Betatest verschickt

Software Dear xxx, You are cordially invited to join the MSN® Beta Program. We use beta programs to help define features for future products and services. This is your chance to make a difference! Participation lets you share your ideas and plays a key role in the development process. And together, we will build a better MSN!

What is a beta program? A beta program is a group of key customers who have agreed to test a new, unreleased version of a product. Through testing, these customers provide valuable feedback that we utilize to make MSN Internet Services easier to use and better meet your communication needs. The beta program is your chance to make a difference in MSN products!

If you are selected as a participant, you will need to:
  • Install and run the MSN client and Microsoft(R) Office Outlook(R) Connector for MSN beta software (beta software is free) on your PC.
  • Submit feedback and problem reports to the MSN beta support team in a timely fashion.
  • Complete any surveys that are sent out during the beta period.

    We are looking for a group of participants that are excited about the program and are willing to provide useful feedback throughout the entire beta period. The beta period is currently expected to run from September through January and will require you to log onto MSN at least once a week. Please make your decision carefully. Your feedback is crucial to the success of our product, and therefore, regular and consistent participation throughout the entire program will be needed.

    How do I sign up? If you would like to participate in the program, please take our beta survey. We will use this information to select program participants. Please note: you must follow these directions. Using a personal or previously assigned BetaID will NOT grant you access to this survey. 1. Go to http://www.BetaPlace.com. 2. Sign in with your .NET Passport. 3. Enter Guest ID: MSNBeta5 (Note: the Guest ID is case sensitive). 4. Complete the beta survey.

    If you are selected as a participant, you will be sent a Welcome e- mail. That e-mail will contain your BetaPlaceID and information on how to download the software. You will also be sent a CD containing the software. It should arrive 7-10 days after the Welcome e-mail.

    Due to the high volume of responses, we will only be able to contact those customers who have been chosen for the program.

    Thank you for taking the time to review this information. We greatly appreciate your consideration of the MSN Beta Program and hope you decide to make a difference in MSN products.

    Regards, MSN Beta Program Team
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