mIRC Power Pack 7.0 RC4 - mIRC-Erweiterung speziell für Gamer

Dieses Tool setzt ein installiertes mIRC in der Version 6.03 voraus und bohrt den IRC-Clienten mit mächtig viel Funktionen und optischen Gimmicks auf.

Das sind die Features dieser Freeware:
Multi-Server Connection Setup
This is the BEST Multi-Server Connection Manager out there. It features the ability to:
- Store an unlimited number of User Profiles containing all of these items:
- Set different, Name - Email - Nickname - Alternate Nickname - UserID, for each server you connect to.
- Separate editable perform list for each connection.
- Up to 10 server connections (auto-connect with performs).
- Vhost login for EnterTheGame for all 10 server connections (MPP Vhost will not join channels until it has logged in).
- Server intervals - Allows for server connections to have a delay if wanted.

Multi-Server Away System
This Away System was written to fit the needs of people who would like to set away messages for individual networks, but still allows for setting away for all servers. The main features are:
- Report your away status to all channels (single network or all networks).
- Append your Nickname suffix when going away (single network or all networks)
- Customizable Nick suffix and away/back reasons
- Extended info which shows people how/what they can do while you are away (DCC - Page - Fserv).

MPP Auto-Update/Manual-Update
A simple checkbox in the MPP Control Center allows for the ability of MPP to look for Updates Automatically upon starting MPP. You can also manually check for updates within the icon-based control panels.

3 Control Panels
MPP now has 3 Control Panels consisting of 105 Icons specific to your Operating system. It will automatically detect which operating system you are running and customize them to match. The Icons range from, MPP & Gaming tools - Windows Tools - Windows Utilities.

Online/Offline status in Query
Also new to MPP is a Online/Offline status of people you are chatting with in a private message. When the user goes Offline, you are shown a "User is now [Offline]" in your Query window. How many times has someone messaged you and you type a 3 line response only to find out they had logged off of IRC well prior to your message. Well, now that wont happen. Within seconds you will know if that user is Online/Offline!

Nicklist - Individual Nickname Colors
This little addon allows you to setup Colors for any person on your Nicklist (Right click menu). When you logon to IRC they will become colored almost instantly.

Whois on Query/DCC Chat
If you open a Query/DCC Chat with someone you will instantly get a colorful whois of the current person. If someone starts a Query/DCC chat with you, it will show the whois after the 1st line of text they type. This is a nice feature to see who you are talking with and what channels they are on with you.

OGX Scans
OGX Scans is a Team Leader tool to check players on your team for Online Gaming Cheats. This tool searches a persons hard drive for certain words that might suggest that player is cheating. Anyone you want to scan must be using OGX in order for you to scan them. OGX is available as a separate addon as well as included in MPP.

OGX Auto-Update/Manual-Update
OGX Scans can be setup to Automatically search for updates upon mIRC startup, or you can manually run updates.

Teamspeak2 Server Integration
This is just a basic GUI setup of up to 3 TeamSpeak2 servers for use on the right click Channel Menu. The setup screen allows you to put in all of your necessary connect info.

Addon Scripts (Included in MPP)
Smart ICQ v1.2
A descent addon that does a good job replacing regular ICQ.

AutoPing v1.17
This tool allows for mass pinging of servers by anyone (using autoping) in a current channel, as well as silent pings of servers.

Multi-Browser v1.28
This is a good game browser/launcher for Quake3 - RtCW - SOF II - J.K. II - MOHAA - Half Life - U.T. - U.T. 2003, which has Rcon ability and very good settings. This is a very popular game browser.

Arenascout v1.3
This is a good Quake3 game browser/launcher with good settings. This is also a very popular game browser.

Q-Tool v3.3
This is an ok Quake3/RtCW game browser/launcher with Rcon ability and ok settings. It has a nice feature called "LifeStats" which can report clan match scores to a channel.

MultiGate v1.5.1
A very basic Quake3 game browser/launcher.

MircScout v1.02
An old Quake2/Quake3 game browser/launcher with sub-par settings.

MQAdmin v2.0
A very nice Rcon tool for Quake3.

Q3 IRC Messenger
This addon allows you (from IRC) to messege someone (playing Quake3). They will see your message in their console in-game.

SystemInfo v1.3
A very good IRC script for reporting your computer stats to other users. One of the most popular info scripts.

Winamp2Mirc v1.1b
This addon reports your current song being played in Winamp2. It uses SystemInfo for color/style.

Winamp3Mirc Beta3
This addon reports your current song being played in Winamp3. It uses SystemInfo for color/style.

xServ v3.1.4
A nice Fserv that is easy to setup.

X-Plorer File Server Browser v4.0
A small script that allows you to browse fserve`s with a nice graphical interface.

Log Viewer
A nice log viewer that can be resized to meet your needs. It has the ability to read mIRC color codes, so you will see color in you logs.

Dialog Studio v1.0
A great tool for creating dialogs tables for mIRC.

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