cFos 6.11 Build 2932 Beta - ISDN- & DSL-Treiber

Software Vom ADSL,PPPoE,ISDN-CAPI- und ATM-Treiber cFos wurde die Beta-Version 6.11 Build 2932 zum Download freigegeben. cFos bietet viel mehr Features als die Standard-Treiber. Als besonderes Highlight ermöglicht cFos die Erhöhung der Internetgeschwindigkeit durch Traffic Shaping. DSL-Features:
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Onlinezeit- und Volumenzähler
  • Zeitsynchronisation
  • Diagnose Log-Datei und Verbindungsbericht
  • Starten von externen Programmen beim Ein- und Ausloggen
  • Smart Inactivity Timeouts

  • Neu: Traffic-Shaping
  • 0190er Nummern Blocker
  • Kanalbündelung
  • Anrufmonitor
  • Daten-Kompression
  • Homebanking
  • X.31 (Datenübertragung im ISDN D-Kanal)
  • Analog-Modem Unterstützung
  • Automatische Protokoll-Auswahl für eingehende ISDN Rufe

  • Major feature: Added Protocol Layer 7 Detection. From now on, cFos analyzes traffic based on the transferred data rather than the port number used. This gives cFos precise traffic analysis capabilities and thereby allows you fine-grained control over your traffic. cFos detects the following protocols: Commonly used: HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, IMAP4 Voice-over IP: RTP, RTCP, SIP Special protocols: Telnet, SSH, SSL, IRC, DNS, (S)NTP, RPC Filesharing: eDonkey, Kazaa, Bittorrent, Kademlia, Gnutella(2), Direct Connect Streaming Media: HTTP-Streams with various Media-Players and RTSP For each protocol cFos distinguishes between client and server mode. All protocols can be prioritized individually. In addition there is a "Connections console" giving you real-time information about the current connections and their detected protocols. User data of these connections can also be recorded into a log file for analysis, see session dumping below. As a by-product you can now use internet connection sharing to connect several computers to the Internet and still have e.g. filesharing traffic prioritized low. The next major release will have additional bandwidth negotiation for multiple PCs connected to a single router.
  • Added UDP pseudo-connection tracking. UDP packets between two peers are believed to belong to the same connection if they arrive less 10 seconds apart. The pseudo-connections are displayed under "cfo cons" as well. The timeout can be adjusted by the udp_timeout gset variable (the variable is in milliseconds).
  • Added session dump: you can now dump TCP sessions and UDP pseudo-sessions in their own files. This way you can have all packets of one session in one file (and not more). Activate it with "cfo gset dump_sessions 2" and switch on TCP payload dumping with "cfo gset dump_tcp_data 1" (without TCP data dumps there won't be anything interesting for us to see). The maximum file size is set to 100k, if you want to change it use "cfo gset max_session_dump_size 200k" (change "200k" to your liking). All in one line that is: cfo gset dump_sessions 2; gset dump_tcp_data 1 "spd gset dump_sessions" accepts the following values: 0 don't dump sessions 2 dump, but delete dump file if there was no data excpet TCP SYNs 3 dump like 2, but delete also if l7-protocol is known. 4 dump and never delete dump file
  • Protocols and programs that are set to "normal" prio are not matched at all (since there is no longer a filter rule for normal prio). Especially, packets of protocols that are set to normal can be matched by later program filters (usually protocols are matched first and only if no match was found, programs are matched).
  • Added "spd fstat" command to display which filters matched how often. Use it to check if your filters are working. "spd fstat -clear" clears the stats.
  • Added traditional chinese and turkish HTA dialogs.
  • Added "click-through" mode to skin windows. If you activate it, mouse clicks are processed by the window beneath the cFos skin window.
  • Added support for dynamic loading of CAPI2032.DLL. Also, cFos will now try to load CAPI2032.DLL when you open a port if it could not be loaded earlier.
  • Added new skin variable "latency_mode" and a new action to execute SPD commands via skin buttons. Thus our skins now allow you to switch to low latency mode. The additional variable "latency" indicates if low latency mode is actually on.
  • In some installations windows can't find it's .INF files and therefore cannot install cFosSpeed. The cFosSpeed installer now retries the installation with a fix the registry (DevicePath key). Thanks to José Miguel Sá for his help.
  • The cps rate displayed by "cfo cons" was too low. Fixed.


Lizenztyp: Shareware (45 Euro)
Download: cfos-v611-build2932.exe (3,3 Mb)
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