Inno Setup 5.0.7 - eigene Setups erstellen


Kürzlich wurde die Version 5.07 von Inno Setup veröffentlicht, das es zusammen mit diversen Tools anderer Entwickler im Inno Setup Pack ermöglicht, komfortabel und ohne viel Vorwissen eigene Setuproutinen zu erstellen.


  • When AllowNoIcons and UsePreviousGroup are set to yes, the Don't create any icons setting is now preserved between installs.
  • Both Setup and Uninstall now support a /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES command line parameter to suppress message boxes. This parameter only has an effect when combined with /SILENT or /VERYSILENT. See the help file for more details.
  • IDE changes:
    • Various enhancements to the New Script Wizard.
    • Added a new Tools menu with a command that opens the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel applet.
    • When stepping through code, the IDE now uses a different method of bringing Setup to the foreground, and vice versa. Previously, if for some reason Setup hung it was possible for the IDE to hang as well.
  • /LOG changes:
    • Now logs the contents of message boxes.
    • On NT platforms, the OS service pack level is now logged, as well as the privilege level of the user (Administrative, Power User, or None).
    • Now doesn't skip the replacement of a protected system file until after the version numbers of the new and existing files are logged.
  • Pascal Scripting changes/improvements:
    • Added new CharLength, DLLGetLastError, RegWriteExpandStringValue and SuppressibleMsgBox functions.
    • GetSpaceOnDisk no longer requires that a root directory be specified, or that a trailing backslash be included.
  • Removed the requirement that Windows NT 4.0 users have SP6 installed, which was added in version 5.0.1-beta. Setup should run on previous service pack levels but no guarantees can be made as I generally only test with SP6. Therefore I recommend setting MinVersion to at least 4.0,4.0sp6 if possible.
  • Removed legacy code that searched for and deleted Uninstall keys with suffixes of _is2 and higher. Only Inno Setup 1.08 (from 1998) created such keys.
  • Reverted the change in 5.0.4-beta that made it automatically expand relative paths specified in [Icons] section because it didn't work when the paths contained environment-variable strings (e.g. %SystemRoot%...).
  • Fix: In 5.0.6, if you clicked Back on the Select Tasks wizard page and changed component settings causing a different set of tasks to be activated, the new tasks would show up with the wrong item type when you returned to the Select Tasks wizard page. (If you do not have tasks with Components parameters, then this bug did not affect you.)
  • Fix: In rare cases, component and task items with multi-line captions were painted incorrectly (strictly a cosmetic issue).
  • Fix: The UninstallSilent support function always returned False.
  • Fix: Even though they were not being installed, files with the dontcopy flag were being displayed on the installation progress page and included in the required disk space figure(s).
  • Tweaked wording of the ExitSetupMessage message. (View differences in Default.isl)
  • Based on RemObjects Pascal Script SVN code revision 1017.
  • Minor tweaks.

Lizenz: Freeware
Informationen: Website der Entwickler
Download: Inno Setup Quickstart Pack 5.07 (1,2 MByte)

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