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Software Nachdem wir gestern über das Release der Version des Filesharingtools Shareaza berichteten, welches aufgrund eines schwerwiegenden Fehler zurückgezogen wurde, liegt nun die fehlerbereinigte Version vor. Hier die Changelog:
  • Incorrectly displaying "..was lost" messages when a connection could not be established in the first place.
  • The "keep-alive ping" Shareaza transmits was tripping the timeout counter and thus never allowing connections to timeout.
  • In some circumstances (but not others), Shareaza could request fragments of the file which cross the boundary between BitTorrent "pieces".
  • Shareaza was telling sources that it is interested in the parts of the file they have before the sources had finished telling Shareaza what parts they have.
  • No longer sends ed2k "request callbacks" via UDP
  • Shareaza sends ed2k extended request info even if the eMule peer is using a different extended request version.
  • Added 16 bytes of CMD4 to payload of ed2k "StartUploadReq" packet.
  • New installer
  • Should not change skin/language settings on install
  • Should not delete toolbar configuration on install
  • Fixed the GWebCache / Invalid URL crash
  • Added extra throttles to outbound QKRs
  • Enacted more compact metadata (no URI) in Q2/QH2 packets
  • IIS 6 compatibility issue addressed.
  • Will now re-add discovery services if any category of service is depleted. (e.g. no GwebCaches)
  • Changed "working directory" in shortcut in NSIS
  • Fixed installer metadata copy utility
  • Reduced the rate at which QKRs can be sent
  • Query keys cached where appropriate
  • Metadata made more compact
  • Removed obsolete headers
  • Added support for receiving X-Alt headers (not transmitting them yet)
  • GWebCache minimum re-access time substantially increased
  • GWebCache query decision logic modified to reduce accesses
  • Will decode multiple URNs on a single X-Content-URN line.
  • Maximum Gnutella Ultrapeers set to more a conservative value.
Download: Shareaza 1.9 RC (

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