Nero Burning Rom - Changelog


Nachdem vor wenigen Tagen die Version des beliebten Brennprogramms Nero Burning Rom erschienen ist, liegt jetzt auch die Changelog vor. Und hier ist sie:

Features Added

  • Added support for new recorders
  • Added new file name format profile in the audio plug-in manager settings
  • Improved support for recorders that support DAO/96 burning mode
  • Added example for the "File name creation method" field of the "Save tracks" dialog
  • Enabled NeroNET support in the demo version

Nero BackItUp:

  • Connected recorders are now recognized immediately (hot plug and play)

Bug Fixes

Nero Burning ROM:

  • Incompatibility with IMAPI which sometimes caused the error "Drive is in use by another application" to appear when attempting to burn is now solved
  • Setting volume creation, modification, effective and expiration dates is now optional in the ISO properties
  • Allow more than 99 pictures for VCD/SVCD compilations
  • Performing a copy will now completely lock the source drive. It was possible to eject the source disc within another burn application
  • Fixed stability problems when using German characters as volume name
  • Corrected the calculation of left free blocks on disc for backup compilation
  • Added support for the copyright bit to the image recorder to avoid cryptic error messages when burning
  • Hidden files and folders will now have a different icon in the tree and list control of ISO compilations
  • ISO level 2 was not selectable in the "New compilation" window when creating a new compilation
  • Fixed wrong behaviour of some Video CD picture effects
  • The desktop is now selectable in the file browser
  • Fixed problems when making DVD copy on a non empty DVD+RW
  • Automatically use the standard temporary directory if the cache path is invalid
  • If an image file referenced by a .cue file is smaller that the described item, display an error message
  • Some burn settings were lost after pressing "OK" in the "New Compilation" dialog
  • Fixed a problem when installing an update while Nero Burning ROM is currently open

Nero Express:

  • Nero Express incorrectly allowed the user to close the application before the end of the burn process
  • Removed window blinking when using the "Select Files and Folder" dialog
  • Corrected aspect ratio of pictures when starting the first time on Japanese systems
  • Fixed wrong help file assignment which caused Nero Express to always load the English help file

Nero Burning ROM/Nero Express:

  • Added information about miniDVD when starting a new compilation

Nero Wave Editor:

  • Audio plug-in settings were not always remembered when quitting Nero Wave Editor
  • Fixed stability problems when renaming or erasing a file which is opened in Nero Wave Editor
  • Pressing F1 was opening the help file twice in Nero Wave Editor
  • Improved layout in some dialogs of Nero Wave Editor
  • Improved precision of the conversion routine that is used when saving files in Nero Wave Editor
  • Corrected incorrect displaying of the about picture under Windows 9x

Nero StartSmart:

  • Improved user interface layout in other languages than English

Nero Cover Designer:

  • The web link in the about box was not opening a web browser
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