eMule 0.23a released - Download Inside

Wie uns Hell.Warrior in unserem Forum mitteilte, ist heute die Version 0.23a von eMule relased wurden. Hier der offizielle Changelog: * Merkur: Changed the handling of Low-ID Clients.
Basically only low ids from your local server are accepted as source. Other low id will be dropped, except if they want to download something from you (in this case it is guaranteed that the low id will establish a connection every 20 min). While this has some disadvantages for rare files it removes the need to UDP queue other server for low ids. Together with the last reduction for source searches, this should keep the server UDP-Load at a minimum.
* Merkur: Added client to client UDP.
Client will now use UDP to reask for files and get the current Queue rank. This needs much less traffic than a complete new TCP connection and helps to reduce overhead as well as save "connections" which are rare on Win9X systems. Make sure to use an UDP Port in the preferences and open your firewall/router for this port. If you are unable to open a port, select "disable" in the preferences screen - other clients won`t try to use UDP to reach you then. UDP is optional and if it fails a standard TCP connection will be established.
* Merkur: Implemented the friendsystem, which will allow you to add friends, view their shared files, establish a dedicated friend slot and chat with them (as long as their last known IP didn`t changed)
* Merkur: Uploadslot handling is adjusted a bit. eMule will open slightly more slots on low speed connections (up to ~12KB) and slightly less on high speed connections.
* Merkur: Merged some graphical elements from the emule plus mod (nice preferences dialog, different toolbar and resizeable statistics)[emule plus]
* Merkur: Merged Codec Info [quekky]
* Team: Several smaller changes and bugfixes
* Juanjo: Avoid multiple instances of emule
* Ornis: Ensures some more status-feedbacks be uptodate
* Dirus: Added support for gzip encoding to serverlist-download
* Juanjo: Patch to show active chunks (yellow) for each downloading source [Cax2]
* Juanjo: Patch to avoid saving 0/0 Download Upload Clients to Clients.met [sulamidor]
* Juanjo: Several optimizations [Insh_Allah]
* Ornis: Addes some handling improvements to the searchwindow, like resultcount-display in search-tabs
* Ornis: Added an option to remove servers from staticserver-list [DonGato]
* Unk: Irc: Removed SendLink and AddFriend popup menus to put in security mesures for next release.
* Ornis: Fixed shifted columnheaders in the searchlist
* Dirus: Added autosort to all lists.
* Unk: Added a connection wizard in the preference`s connection tab.
* Ornis: various bugfixes (Insh_Allah)
* Unk: The HyperTextCtrl buffer wasn`t able to handle the large amount of text caused by busy IRC channels which cause the channel`s text to become unreadable.. Fixed..
* Unk: Irc: Added a preference to ignore all info messages so you can see through all the clutter in a channel.
* Unk: Irc: Increased font size so those at 1024X768+ didn`t need a magnifying glass to read the text. icon_smile.gif
* Unk: Asked count is reset when a client reenters the queue to avoid confusion.
* Unk: Upload prioity is now saved for files currently being downloaded.
* Ornis: Added quick-Speedselector (xrmb +) to systray-popupmenu and systemmenu
* Ornis: Fixed bug concerning column-handling at save&restoring
* Ornis: Option to start emule minimized
* Ornis: Fixed 2 bugs concerning sorting downloadlist by progress
* Ornis: Stats: Fixed function and enabled slider in the stats-preferences to change the duration of the average graphs
* Ornis: Stats: Graphcolors are now selectable (using RGB-values)
* Unk: Changed tranfered data in shared files to support 4GB+..
* Ornis: Added mousecontrol to the Sourcefilenames-List in Filedetailsdialog

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