Lindows 2.0 released - Infos inside

Betriebssysteme Heute wurde eine neue Version des Betriebssystems Lindows released. Von Version 1.3.177 auf 2.0.0 gibt es einige Änderungen bzw. Erneuerungen:
  • Changed the GTK theme for a nicer look with programs using the GTK-engine UI.

  • No error prompts when KDE Print Manager is used to configure local printer settings.

  • CD Player now correctly searches freedb for artist names & song titles.

  • Restored support for `Preview` installs next to Microsoft Windows 98, 98se, 2000(FAT32), ME, and XP (FAT32).

  • Restored support for Microsoft Office 2000 versions Improved naming scheme in Launch Menu>>Programs>>Games.

  • Improved mime type support in Netscape 7.0 web browser (more specifically: ppt, doc, xls, & mp3).

  • New LindowsOS logo skin for XMMS (MP3 player).

  • Default screen saver switched from 3D Fireworks to Pyro (better appeal for those who do not have 3D accellerated video cards).

  • Restored optimal driver support for nVIDIA graphics cards.

  • Newer, more stable release of Click-N-Run (v 2.0.39)

  • One of the more "major" changes in this version is the ability to browse and map Windows network shares. In previous versions, this feature wasn`t implemented.

Weitere Informationen findet man hier.


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