cFos 6.11 Build 2922 Beta - ISDN- & DSL-Treiber

Software Vom ADSL,PPPoE,ISDN-CAPI- und ATM-Treiber cFos wurde die Beta-Version 6.11 Build 2922 zum Download freigegeben. cFos bietet viel mehr Features als die Standard-Treiber. Als besonderes Highlight ermöglicht cFos die Erhöhung der Internetgeschwindigkeit durch Traffic Shaping. DSL-Features:
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Onlinezeit- und Volumenzähler
  • Zeitsynchronisation
  • Diagnose Log-Datei und Verbindungsbericht
  • Starten von externen Programmen beim Ein- und Ausloggen
  • Smart Inactivity Timeouts

  • Neu: Traffic-Shaping
  • 0190er Nummern Blocker
  • Kanalbündelung
  • Anrufmonitor
  • Daten-Kompression
  • Homebanking
  • X.31 (Datenübertragung im ISDN D-Kanal)
  • Analog-Modem Unterstützung
  • Automatische Protokoll-Auswahl für eingehende ISDN Rufe

  • Added support for ISDN. From now on ISDN users also benefit from cFos Traffic Shaping! This makes your ISDN connections more responsive by reducing ping times. All the advantages of the broadband Traffic Shaping are now available for ISDN.
  • Errors while doing a "spd reload" are now printed on the console as well (not only to the trace.txt file).
  • The new gset parameter "strict_rtp_check=0" in the [Param] section of cfosspeed.ini can now turn off strict checking of RTP packets. With strict checking RTP packets must contain a source ID, previously introduced by a corresponding RTCP packet. Disable this check if you use Voice over IP Software which doesn't generate RTCP packets, like VoIPBuster. Default is 1 (enabled).
  • Better ping times in "Favour Bandwidth" mode, since we limit the MSS there to 536 bytes, if your connection is slower than about 20-30 kb/sec.
  • Tx packets that have to be dropped because of queue overflow are again counted as regular packets in NETSTAT. The "Overflow packets" line has been removed and the packets again appear in the "queue overflow" line in CSTAT.
  • This removes a "feature" that was added in v6.11.2905, but did not work well. In particular, it caused Azureus with many uploads to overflow the queues. This, in return, caused other applications' data to be dropped also and thus their performance to be very poor.
  • Now, each traffic class has (again) it's own overflow limit of this many bytes: max_queue_size (in msecs) * tx_speed (in bytes/sec) / 1000. I.e. if one traffic class' queue overflows, the other ones' are not affected.
  • Changed speed reported to Windows on PPPoE connections to 100 mbps.


Lizenztyp: Shareware (45 Euro)
Download: cfos-v611-build2922.exe (3,3 Mb)
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