The Godfather 0.70 Final - Musikverwaltung

Software Musikfans mit einer umfangreichen Sammlung dürfte dieses Tool begeistern. The GodFather bringt selbst in die unordentlichste MP3-Sammlung Ordnung. Auch eine Vielzahl von anderen Formaten wird unterstützt. So kann das Programm mit ogg-, mpc-, ape-, flac-, aac-, apl-, wv-, mp4-, ofr- und spx-Dateien umgehen. Die Software kann Dateien umbenennen, Tags updaten, das Musikarchiv neu strukturieren und Playlisten erstellen oder zusammenfügen. Mit Hilfe von diversen Encodern kann zusätzlich neue Musik encodiert werden. Die Datenabfrage über Datenbanken wie oder funktioniert ebenfalls.

  • Online, Multiple masks for saving comments and credits using the ; separator plus picture masks.
  • Delete folder command at treeview.
  • Option to hide the main page ( Main/Library ) display a menu item instead plus shortcuts, also hide/un hide tree view.
  • Multi column sort at TAG panel's grid.
  • Option to use current folder when saving playlists.
  • Batch Create playlists options to use % vars for filenames ( & extra value for various/empty ).
  • Library, Batch replace dialog, option to auto update tags plus editable grid has combos for certain fields.
  • Library, Batch update tags dialog is enhanced with options Plus all fields are available for update.
  • Library, Create & assign new artist/album functionality.
  • Library, Options as how warnings will appear.
  • Library, Import playlists from files.
  • Library, Different Volumes can be created for the same Drive/Volume/Serial.
  • Library, export to csv, txt, doc files
  • Library, speed improvement for large playlists
  • Library, Subfolders/nested playlists toggle buttons
  • Library, more settings remembered
  • Online, Lock album information functionality ( lock specified fields so update from various sources/fixed values are applied easier ).
  • Online, changed multiple buttons and submenu with 'Use' button for grid apply and update selection.
  • Rename, Row select mode.
  • Option to auto update BAND/ALBUM ARTIST from ARTIST.
  • Duplicates, coloring/auto size options, ignore different artists option, and encoder column at grid.
  • Tag panel, normalized formatting and save options for unchecked fields.
  • ONL : on_SaveCommentEx,on_SaveCreditsEx,on_SavePictureEx (you can now pass any %var or text combination as a parameter); on_getGrdSkip,on_setIsVarious( b: boolean ); on_GetGrdRowCountEx( const iFlg: integer ) iFlg = 0 all, 1 non skip, 2 skip
  • SYS : sys_Logevent( sEvent, sInfo, iEvent = 0 info 1 warning 2 error )
  • More Standard Delphi functions available (StuffString, AnsiLeftStr, AnsiRightStr, AnsiMidStr, AnsiReplaceStr, AnsiReplaceText, AnsiCompareStr, AnsiCompareText, AnsiSameStr )
  • Also FileSetAttr( sFile, iAttr ) is available ( ReadOnly 1, Hidden 2, SysFile 4, reset 0 )
  • wavpack 4 encoder detection and sfx files support ( Thanx to Gambit )
  • mp4 files with udta as the last atom got double size...
  • Library default ini had a wrong year field name
  • ID3v2 COMM frame ending with #0 fix
  • The LOG is used in more situations now
  • Import to library with update only inserted albums/artists
  • LIbrary uses type field from tag to update the album type field
  • Manual edit could not update after rename
  • Several smaller corrections here and there
  • Resolution/resizing changes do not render some panels invisible
  • Yet another Unicode COMM frame fix (too many #0 chars at the beginning )
  • The quick edit rename, updates the library when invoked from there
  • Library 'copy to' uses error log

Lizenztyp: Freeware/Kostenlos

Download: (3,4 Mb)
Deutsche Sprachdatei: (26 KByte)
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