True Launch Bar 3.0 - Schnellstartleisten-Ersatz

Software Das Programm True Launch Bar ist ein Ersatz für die Schnellstartleiste und bietet sehr viel mehr Funktionen.




Programm Features:

Compatibility with standard Quick Launch
True Launch Bar is fully compatible with the standard Windows (TM) Quick Launch toolbar. It uses the same folder for shortcuts. If some program installs an icon into Quick Launch, then the program also installs the icon for True Launch Bar as well. True Launch Bar can be docked into the taskbar like just like Quick Launch.

Grouping links into popup menus
The huge advantage of True Launch Bar is popup menus. You can create menus on in the True Launch bar panel and place your shortcuts there. This will save space on your taskbar and give you another dimension in using the taskbar. True Launch Bar is Quick Launch on steroids!!!

Full support of Windows XP Visual Styles
True Launch Bar completely supports Windows XP Visual Styles. You turn on the Flat Menus option and TLB will begin to look like All Programs menu from the Start Button.

Virtual Folders
You can also create virtual folders on the True Launch Bar. When you create a virtual folder, you select the folder's content you want to see in the toolbar menu. It can be any folder on your disk or on a local network (Favorites, Programs, Recent, etc.); or you can add file system folders such as Printers, Control Panel, My Computer, Dialup Network or other similar folders. If you right-click on an item in the virtual folder, you can see a full context menu like in the Explorer window, and you can perform any action from this menu (Properties, Open, Delete...). In fact you can use True Launch Bar as small file manager. In addition you can add separators with titles into Virtual folders. This can greatly improve the grouping of items inside Virtual Folders.

Drag & Drop
True Launch Bar fully supports Windows Drag&Drop technology. You can simply drag your shortcuts onto the toolbar or menu. You can use the left and right mouse button to drag shortcuts to the True Launch Bar. Using the right button dragging you will see a context menu with common actions.

True Launch Bar is skinable. This means that you can change the appearance of buttons, menu items... Visit our Skins Library to download new skins. If you want to make your own skins please read Skins specification.

The main feature of True Launch Bar is it's active content. Now you can use buttons not only for launching your applications but have button work like small applet. In most cases you will have a button to run your email client (like Outlook Express). If you add Mail Monitor onto the True Launch Bar this button can actually tell you when you have new mail and can run your email client. Visit our Plugins Library to find more plugins such as System Monitor, Media Control, Volume Control etc.

Alle Features: Features
Neu in dieser Version:
-Improved performance of fetching virtual folders
-Changing icons of context menu items
-Apply custom menu font for Icons With Text view
-The second pressing of menu hotkey now close it
-Return focus to previousely active window after closing menu
-Protecting separators and titles
-New TLB Components Manager that replace Live Update
-Added TLB Clear utility to delete all files created by TLB and reset True Launch Bar into default state
-Tips lost on rename
-Mouse can prevent keyboard navigation
-Icons from shell32.dll can be empty
-Help buttons does not work
-Explorer crashes on deleting
-Resource leakes in Customize Menu dialog
-TLB show files on dismounted volumes
-TLB crash after deleting workspace in Auto-sensing tab
-Common processes for Auto-sensing work only after refresh
-Incorrect tips position on multimonitor system
-Tip do not appear if move mouse out off toolbar
-Lost icon on rename in Virtual Folders
-Imosible to install skins for plugins in Windows 98
-Improved mouse wheel handling
-Icons disappears after moving buttons
-Refreshing menu does not work correctly
-Install Skins can crash explorer
-Some minor bug fixed
Lizenztyp: Das Programm ist Shareware. 
Weitere Infos:
Download: Software-Download
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