Microsoft Host Integration Server 2004 - Beta 2

Software Die Betatester des Microsoft Host Integration Server 2004 erhielten heute eine E-Mail, in der die Verfügbarkeit der zweiten Betaversion bekanntgegeben wurde. Netzwerke lassen sich nun effizienter integrieren, die Sicherheitsmechanismen wurden verbessert und die Funktionen rund um das Thema Datenquellen wurden überarbeitet. Hier die E-Mail - viel Dank an LoD und Andreas Gratz dafür:

The second beta release includes a number of new features and improvements to existing features, including the following. IP-DLC Link Service IP-DLC provides SNA connectivity for applications using dependent and independent sessions over a routable IP network, by offering support for the industry-standard "HPR/IP" protocol, which IBM calls "Enterprise Extender". Using IP-DLC, each SNA packet is transmitted across the IP network as a UDP datagram. The IP-DLC link service is an add-on feature to the existing SNA protocol node. From an application perspective, such a 3270 emulator or WinAPPC program, there is not change in functionality.

However, the SNA network traffic from branch-deployed or centrally-deployed Host Integration Server computers can be routed across the IP network directly to an IBM mainframe system running OS/390 V2R10 or higher and using an OSA or OSA Express compatible network adapter. TN3270 SSL/TLS Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport-Level Services (TLS) allow the network administrator using the TN3270 Service to increase the overall security of the enterprise network when accessing mainframe terminal and printer resources, including authentication of access to mainframe sessions and encryption of data between client emulator and TN3270 server. Although the Microsoft 3270 Client (emulator) does not support SSL or TLS, there are many third-party software vendors that offer 3270 emulators that support this functionality, including: Attachmate, IBM, NetManage, and WRQ. Application Integration Formerly, COM Transaction Integrator for CICS and IMS (COMTI), the new Transaction Integrator (TI) allows Windows computers to extend the functionality of existing IBM mainframe and IBM midrange AS/400 line-of-business applications.

In HIS2004 Beta 1, TI was extended to offer both Host-Initiated Processing (HIP) as well as the previously-offered Windows-Initiated Processing (WIP). In HIS2004 Beta 2, TI has been further extended to offer support for AS/400 applications, as well as mainframe CICS and IMS applications, when integrated across a TCP/IP network connection. Also in HIS2004 Beta 2, TI has been enhanced to offer support for the .NET Framework. Using the new TI Designer, which runs in the context of the Visual Studio .NET 2003 integrated development environment, Windows developers can use TI WIP for .NET to wrap existing LOB applications as XML Web Service or .NET server components. Further, in HIS2004 Beta 2, the administrator can utilize the new TI Manager which combines TI WIP and HIP Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins into one view, allowing administrators to efficient define and manage WIP and HIP component applications. Finally, TI has includes a number of other new features, including:

- Client Context provides an alternative to Explicit Call Back Security
- Control of the TCP/IP CICS Transaction Request Message (TRM) for interoperability with CICS using TCP/IP Custom TRMs
- WIP Override RE via Client Context - WIP Override Program Name via Client Context
- WIP Override Transaction Name via Client Context
- WIP Persistent Connections: enabled through Client Context
- WIP support for CICS Enhanced Listener through the ELM (Enhanced Listener Message) programming model

Data Integration Host Integration Server offers a number of data integration features, including industry-standard ODBC Driver for DB2, Component Object Model (COM) OLE DB Providers for DB2 and host file systems (mainframe and AS/400), and .NET Framework-enabled Managed Provider for DB2. In HIS2004 Beta 1, we offered a new DB2 network protocol client (DRDA AR) over which the ODBC, OLE DB and Managed provider communicate to the remote DB2 database server. In this Beta release, we've improved these data providers to include the following new features: - DB2 Distributed Transactions (two-phase commit) over TCP/IP - Data Access Tool and Data Source Wizard for creating and managing connections definitions to DB2 and host file systems, while offering an improved tool for defining the Host Column Descriptions used to access host data sets - DB2OLEDB support for multiple result sets on calls to DB2 stored procedures - SNAOLEDB support access to VSAM data sets from SQL Server DTS - UNICODE, Double-Byte and Mixed-Byte character set support when accessing DB2 - Additional DB2 configuration properties such as DBMS Platform (optimize data conversion across platforms), Default Qualifier (simplify SQL syntax), and Quoted Prefix (ensure better support for generic consumers such as SQL Server) Online Documentation The Developer's Guide now installs with the core product documentation.

Thank you for participating in this beta program. We look forward to your valuable feedback.

Microsoft Host Integration Server Group
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