Overnet und eDonkey2000 0.50 released

Software Diese beiden Tools sind sicher die bekanntesten Vertreter aus dem Bereich "Filesharing-Tools" - wenn Sie die noch nicht kennen sollten, einfach einmal Testen.  

Das sind die Features:

  • Partner with people in the meantime if they ask you
  • Don't bother to ask full sources to partner with you
  • Support for other download protocols
  • User friendlier searching
  • Clients notify each other when they are misreporting their IP.
  • Fixed leaving bits of the temp file around
  • Introduced a delay before you test for firewall
  • Downloader should call uploader very very rarely to make sure nothing has gone wrong
  • Shouldn't continue to look for peeps after all the file has been requested
  • Write contact.dat to disk every hour.
  • Sources show which parts you are asking for (green)
  • Losing icons (gray buttons) bug finally fixed
  • App loads saved user/pass from installer now
  • If downloads ran outta disk space, stats graph would show a frozen d/l value, now goes to zero
  • Tagged last time you saw a complete file
  • Graph options now in ui.xml
  • Moved most every string to ui.xml
  • XML allows decimal escape chars now @ => A, etc etc
  • Trees can set Text color (and subtext color)
  • Firewalled Dialog
  • Whole new ed2k link thingy
  • Http source downloading
  • Creating backups of met files, if something horrible goes wrong, rename the .bak to the .met and try again. This should also stop corruptions of the .mets from happening on crashes.
  • Rename option for files you are downloading

    Verkaufspreis: Das Programm ist Freeware bzw. Addware.
    Weitere Infos: www.edonkey2000.com
    Weitere Infos: www.overnet.com
    Download: Download von EDonkey 0.50
    Download: Download von Overnet 0.50

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