Nasa World Wind 1.3.2 - Satellitenkarten der Erde

Software World Wind erlaubt es dem Heimanwender aus der Sicht eines Satelliten auf einen Ort seiner Wahl auf unserem Planeten heranzuzoomen. Das Programm verwendet dazu Karten der Landsat-Satelliten und Daten von Radar Topographie Missionen des Space Shuttles. Dadurch kann man die Oberfläche der Erde in 3D erkunden, ganz so als wäre man tatsächlich dort. Heute wurde nun die Version 1.3.2 veröffentlicht, die offenbar hauptsächlich der Fehlerbehebung dient. So wurde also eine ganze Reihe mehr oder weniger grosser Probleme beseitigt.

  • You can now toggle the opacity setting on image layers, in the property window. Layer properties windows added.
  • WorldWind.config is no longer used. Its settings are now stored in WorldWind.xml (local settings folder).
  • Download tiles in single thread (back out multithreaded downloading due to performance problems).
  • Use download queue. Improve download performance.
  • Images are converted to DDS by default (same as
  • New security warning dialog on plugin load.
  • Unload plugins on application shutdown.
  • Fix plugins could load multiple times.
  • Add go to URI function for plugins.
  • Add "Show Legend" to context menu for image layers with LegendImagePath tag.
  • Add OutlineText setting that outlines placenames for readability.
  • Call mouse event handlers in plugins before local handlers.
  • Remove measure tool.
  • Speed up World Wind startup, especially with large XML config files: calculate icon world coordinates when enabled instead of on startup.
  • Screenshots can again contain position info (if position info is enabled upon save). Metadata files are now created.
  • Cache, toolbar render, and tile memory usage optimizations.
  • Add support for loading GIF and TIFF files.
  • Reorganize help menu; new Credits button in About dialog.
  • With downloadable Blue Marble (World Wind Lite), change cached Blue Marble folders so existing Blue Marble data from previous World Wind versions can be used.
  • Loaded images default to DXT1 format.
  • Fixed Blue Marble tiles appeared at lower altitude in 1.3.2a2 than in 1.3.1.
  • Fix WMS browser goes to the wrong location on certain SVS WMS layers.
  • Support pluggable download protocols.
  • Fix tile refresh and missed download problems.
  • Fix WMS layers not working, download progress doesn't show, and playback controls don't work.
  • Add support for new SVS layers.
  • "Enable plugin support" confirmation dialog removed.
  • Proxy configuration now correctly migrates from 1.3.1.
  • Terrain paths now update when the camera location changes.
  • Fix World Wind doesn't render if a toolbar icon is missing.
  • Fix anti-aliased text option wasn't working. (Issue WW-324)
  • Fix changing Direct3D setting while WW is running causes an error.
  • When both position and diagnostic info are on screen, only display position info.
  • Settings dialog is now modal.
  • Fix place names truncated.
  • Fix image tiles outside of view were being downloaded.
  • Fix parts of lat/lon grid disappear near poles when tilted.
  • Optimize path list layer.
  • Fix layer manager sluggish when many nodes are open.
  • Fix duplicate icons in layer manager.
  • Fix using opacity with transparent layers renders transparent areas black.
  • Remember place name on/off setting from last session.
  • Make plugin icons come to the foreground on mouseover.
  • Fix turning place names on/off toggles all other label layers too.

Lizenztyp: NASA Open Source Agreement
Software-Download: World_Wind_1.3.2_Full.exe (45 MB;
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