Tiny Hexer Final - Kostenloser Hex-Editor

Software Tiny Hexer ist ein kostenloser Hex-Editor für binäre Dateien. Er kann durch sein Mdi-Interface mehrere Dateien gleichzeitig editieren, Sektoren von Datenträgern lesen und virtuellen Speicher aus anderen Prozessen bearbeiten. Tiny Hexer ist skriptfähig und kann Dateistrukturen in einem speziellen Browser darstellen.

  • bugfix: slightly improved macro recording (but still buggy...)
  • bugfix: if some tool windows were displayed, tiny hexer didn't correctly move to the background when deactivating
  • bugfix: there was a bug in the "Find/Replace" dialog. when using the "Replace All" function together with regular expressions, not all data had been replaced
  • bugfix: in synchronized view, the second cursor had not been displayed correctly
  • bugfix: termination of tiny hexer took ages when it ran under an administrative account
  • bugfix: added confirmation queries when navigating to different disk sectors and there were unsaved modifications in the editor
  • added a tiny hexer medium edition (without scripting and plugins, it will supersede the small edition in the forseeable future)
  • added "Readonly" checkbox in "Open disk image/large file" and "Open drive/partition" dialogs
  • added icons and toolbar buttons to tiny hexer scripts and external tools
  • in the "Open disk image/large file" dialog it's possible to manually enter any sector size
  • speeded up tiny hexer a bit by using the FastObj library
  • the former type inspector has been replaced by a more sophisticated "Status Window" tool
  • new command "File/New (Advanced)"
  • changes in tiny hexer script:
    • added function: BYTESTRING()
    • added optional default parameter to ASKOPENFILENAME() and ASKSAVEFILENAME()
    • added command: DLLFUNC for calling stdcall functions in dlls
Homepage: Mirkes.de
Lizenztyp: Freeware

Download: mpth_17.exe (2,1 Mb)
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